Can You Match These Cartoon Heroes and Villains?

By Bambi Turner on January 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Plenty of kids covered their eyes when Skeletor appeared on screen, but do you remember which animated hero was responsible for keeping the terrifying villain away from Castle Grayskull and preventing him from ruling Eternia? Or which Renaissance reptiles kept a bad guy named Shredder from taking control of New York City -- and eating all their pizza? Since the very earliest cartoon series were introduced during the dawn of television in the '50s, the shows' creators have been trying to top one another by coming up with meaner, spookier and more dastardly villains for your favorite cartoon stars to defeat. After all, it would get pretty boring to watch a group of Smurfs or My Little Ponies dance and sing all day, or watch a cartoon house cat nap without a bird or mouse to catch. How would Batman spend his time if there was no one threatening the peace in Gotham City? The Joker and Penguin MAKE that show! And would anyone bother watching Bugs Bunny if he didn't always seem to have a man with a gun (or an evil black duck) chasing him? Take our quiz to see if you can name the antagonists that kept these animated heroes on their toes, and kept viewers tuning in week after week!

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