Can You Match the Wrestler to Their Storyline?

By Torrance Grey on April 18, 2018

About This Quiz

Every pro wrestling fan has heard it at one time or another: "How can you watch that stuff!? Pro wrestling is fake!" To which we respond, "So is homeopathy, but the difference is, wrestling is fairly upfront about it." 

The truth is, wrestling promotions like the WWF/WWE, ECW and WCW weren't always so direct about using storylines as they are today. "Kayfabe," the practice of staying in character and acting in support of storylines across multiple platforms (in the ring, in promos, around fans), comes from the days when fans were supposed to believe what they were seeing was 100 percent real. 

Nowadays, fans are in on the secret, but good storylines are still the lifeblood of wrestling, coming to a head at the major pay-per-view events like Wrestlemania. Sometimes storylines and the real world get mixed up, such as when a wrestler and manager/valet who are married in real life become a kayfabe couple. (One such couple was "married" on the air years after they tied the knot in real life). Other times, the kayfabe "fourth wall" has to be broken, like the time former wrestler turned announcer Jerry Lawler had a heart attack at ringside. 

We hope you enjoy this quiz on wrestling's best storylines: the ups and downs, the heels and babyfaces, the alliances and the betrayals!

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