Can You Match the Teacher to the TV Show?

By Kennita Leon on June 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Teachers. Man has had a love-hate relationship with these brave creatures since the art of passing on knowledge began. While it was very informal at first, we now have to attend classes, whether it be at preschool or at the postgraduate level, so that we can be taught about life or whatever it is we're choosing to specialize in. As we grew up, we (well, most of us) went from loving our teachers to downright despising the ground they walked on, to only love them again long after we finished our schooling. 

Well, if you thought that this only happened in real life, you're wrong; our television counterparts feel the same way. Which is why we've been inspired to write a quiz about some of the best and worst teachers on our screens. Now, we won't be talking about Miss Trunchbull or Miss Honey from Matilda. We're sticking to the small TV screens where we'll be showing you characters like Mr. Belinding from "Saved By The Bell" and Mr. Garrison from "South Park." 

Have you watched enough television to tell us which shows these people come from? Did Walter White frequent our screen on "Game of Thrones" or was that some other show? It's up to you to match these TV teachers to their shows! 

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