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Every state has a slogan, and some have more than one. How well do you know which slogan goes with what state? Take this challenging quiz to find out!

Where are Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily?

It's Colorado's old slogan! The Mile High State serves up fresh air. These days it goes by The Centennial State, to mark the date of its admission to the Union.


Which state is known for Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations?

Idaho indeed a great source of potatoes, as well as beautiful mountain vistas. It's also one of the least-densely populated states in the lower 48, so if you love spuds but don't like people so much, get yourself there today!


Which state is the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

Beautiful Minnesota enjoys some of the coldest winters in the lower 48. You can throw a bucket of tepid water off your porch in January and see icicles hit the ground!


Where might you find Liberty & Prosperity?

It's New Jersey! The current slogan is actually Garden State but this older one celebrate New Jersey's proud role in American history.


Where is there So Much to Discover?

Ohio does indeed have much to discover, and is where aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright were born!


Where might you say, "While I Breathe, I Hope"?

South Carolina is also known as the Palmetto State in honor of its beautiful palmetto trees.


Which state is Honest-to-Goodness _____?

Beautiful Indiana is also known as the Hoosier State. It hosts the Indianapolis 500, one of the premiere races, and is the namesake of Indiana Jones.


In which state is it said that it is Where The Rivers Run?

Missouri is generally considered a red state but is actually fairly purple, thanks to its central location. Its famous Gateway Arch in the capital of St. Louis opens the door to the West. Also notable are the glorious Ozark Mountains.


Which state claims The Spirit of America?

Massachusetts is home of Boston, where Harvard and MIT are found. The state has plenty of farmland and a heavily forested interior.


Which state is full of Fields of Opportunity?

Iowa is one of the great plains states, and has a huge amount of farming: it is one of the great breadbaskets of America.


Where is The Green Mountain State?

Vermont is known for its maple candy and its wonderful cheese. It's also spectacular in the fall, and everyone should try to see the October foliage at least once in their life.


Which state is America in Miniature?

Maryland is also known as the Old Line state, named thus for its heroic soldiers, who George Washington called The Old Line.


Which state lays claim to Big Sky Country?

Montana is a beautiful and sparsely-populated state. It also has the largest migratory elk herd in the nation!


Which great big state warns you, Don't Mess With ____?

Texas is one of the most independent minded states, and woe betide anyone who messes with this huge state, with its large population, monster economy, and equally huge cattle herds!


Which state informs us that It Must Be ____?

Maine is the most northerly of the lower 48 states, and like Vermont, is stunning in the fall.


Which state calls itself The Evergreen State?

Washington currently enjoys the rather funny slogan , "SayWA!" - so if you go there, make sure you do.


Which state on the Gulf of Mexico urges us to Share The Wonder?

Alabama used to call itself The Heart of Dixie, but these days it's emphasizing a more modern approach to bringing in the visitors.


Which state shouts, "Eureka!"?

California joined the union in 1850, and is one of the wealthiest and most socially and economically diverse states.


Which state suggests you might like to say you have "____ on My Mind"?

This slogan is also the name of a popular song. Georgia is also one of the original thirteen colonies and derives its nickname from its high quality peaches. That's Georgia: what you see is what you get.


Which state has Unbridled Spirit?

Kentucky is a landlocked state bordering Tennessee. It is home of the famous Kentucky Derby, one of the top flat horse races in the world, and also a great place to have a local bourbon.


Which state is Battle Born?

Nevada is home of the Hoover Dam and known as the Silver State thanks to its extensive mines.


Which state is the Land of Lincoln?

Illinois is home of Chicago, the Windy City. People think this name comes from the wind off the Great Lake upon whose shores the city sits, but in fact it is because of all the really corrupt politicians blowing hot air. Chicago was founded by black pioneer and explorer, Jean-Baptist-Point Du Sable, and remains a diverse city with a great deal of black wealth.


Which state is Wild and Wonderful?

This Appalachian state built a fortune on coal, but now that coal is becoming yesterday's technology, West Virginia is starting to retrain its former miners. One of the fastest growing jobs in the state is now software engineer.


Which state is The Natural State?

Arkansas is one of the most central states and home to former President Bill Clinton.


In which state should you Live Free or Die?

Another original colony, New Hampshire is known as the Granite State due to its natural formations. It is home to the White Mountains, which are a northerly part of the Appalachian Trail.


Which state informs you it is "_____: as big as you think"?

Kansas is a beautiful Midwestern state where they grow a vast amount of corn. It's also part of Tornado Alley, and home to a certain little girl named Dorothy!


Which state Feels Like Coming Home?

It's Mississippi! Named for the great river that bounds its western side, this Southern state is also known as the Magnolia State.


Which state is Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach?

Alaska is the largest and most northerly state, and home to a massive oil industry whose profits pay out to all citizens. It is slowly beginning to move away from oil as it is also one of the most vulnerable states to climate change, with many communities threatened by melting glaciers and rising seas.


Which state advises that it when in "_____. Pursue Your Happiness"?

Pennsylvania was founded by the Penn family when it was a colony. Its capital is Philadelphia, the original capital of the United States, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.


Which state has Great Faces. Great Places?

South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore, where several Founding Fathers' faces are carved into the rock. It is a sparsely populated state enjoying a boost from the shale boom.


Which state exhorts you to Fall in love with _____ all over again?

Louisiana is home to New Orleans, a very multicultural city where jazz was born, voodoo lives on, and Mardi Gras is still celebrated. The state is indeed a sportman's paradise due to its great weather for all sorts of outdoor sports 9 months of the year.


Which state is Full of Surprises?

Connecticut is one of the oldest and richest states. While you can get into the 1% in Idaho with about $250,000 in income, in Connecticut you need closer to $700,000.


Where would you find the somewhat ironic slogan "Taxation without Representation"?

Washington DC is one of the most corrupt cities in the US, but also one of the most beautiful. As it is not technically part of any given state, its representative in Congress has no voting power, meaning that residents are technically taxed but not represented. This is of course a very ironic situation for them to be in, at the heart of a country founded in part to ensure such a situation would never arise within its borders.


Which is The Volunteer State?

Beautiful Tennessee is home to the magical Smoky Mountains, as well as Nashville, the heart of the country music business.


Which state informs you that _____ is for Lovers?

Virginia is also one of the original thirteen colonies, named in honor of Elizabeth the First, the Virgin Queen herself. A full eight presidents hail from here, including Founding Fathers Washington, Madison, and Jefferson.


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