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By: Robin Tyler
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Baseball is one of the most watched sports in America, and Major League Baseball is followed by millions, not only in the United States but around the world.

And players come from far and wide to try to make the major leagues, not an easy task as the talent on hand is simply incredible. 

Each year Major League Baseball franchises trade players, always looking to upgrade their player rosters, or sometimes even needing to desperately cut back on their wage bills. 

It's a cat and mouse game, but in the end, it's all about getting a squad together that can go and fight for baseball's ultimate prize - the World Series.

And before the start of the 2018 season, the trades have flown thick and fast! 

In this quiz, we are going to test your baseball knowledge to the full. Luckily, we won't make it too difficult. We will give you an image of a player and you will need to tell us the team he now turns out for. Don't stress too much, we will give you their name as well ... just to make it a little bit easier.

So, step up to the plate and let's see how you do!

Hailing from Venezuela, Jhoulys Chacín turns out for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2018 after a nine-year career that has seen him play for five other MLB teams. He has thrown 818 strikeouts during his career.

A veteran of the MLB, Yovani Gallardo joined the Cincinnati Reds in 2018. Since his debut in 2007, Gallardo has thrown 1,528 strikeouts in his career.

Pitcher Mike Fiers joined the Detroit Tigers for the start of the 2018 season. A World Series champion, Fiers has thrown 698 strikeouts during his career.

Hailing from Venezuela, Hector Rondon spent five years with the Chicago Cubs before joining The Houston Astros in 2018. A World Series winner, Rondon has thrown 313 strikeouts in his career.

Brad Broxberger joined the Arizona Diamondbacks from the Tampa Bay Rays for 2018. He had played for the Rays for three seasons. Boxberger, a relief pitcher, had recorded 307 strikeouts in his career and was an All-Star in 2015.

Now returned to the LA Dodgers, Matt Kemp has a 12-year history in the MLB playing for among others, the Atlanta Braves and the San Diego Padres. Of course, Kemp's career has come full circle after he started with the Dodgers in 2006. Kemp has slammed 261 home runs in his career.

Tyler Chatwood moved to the Chicago Cubs for 2018 after a number of seasons playing for the Colorado Rockies. A pitcher up until the start of the 2018 season, Chatwood had thrown 456 strikeouts in the MLB.

Now with the Atlanta Braves for the 2018 season, Brandon McCarthy has played for a number of teams since his career in the MLB began in 2005 including the White Sox, Diamondbacks and the LA Dodgers. McCarthy is a very experienced pitcher and has thrown over 800 strikeouts in his MLB career.

Wade Davis joined the Colorado Rockies from the Chicago Cubs for the 2018 season. An experienced pitcher and World Series winner, Davis has thrown 778 strikeouts in his MLB career.

Marcell Ozuna moved from the Miami Marlins, where he spent the last four seasons, to the St. Louis Cardinals for the 2018 season. Ozuna was a two-time All-Star in 2016 and 2017.

After playing for the Houston Astros for two seasons, Preston Tucker was traded to the Atlanta Braves for 2018. This left fielder has a batting average of .225.

A winner of the Golden Glove Award in 2016, Mitch Moreland will play his baseball for the Boston Red Sox in 2018. He previously played for the Texas Rangers since 2010.

After playing for the Tampa Bay Rays from 2008 to 2017, Evan Longoria turns out for the San Fransico Giants in 2018. A 3-time All-Star, Longoria has 263 home runs to his name in the MLB.

A third-baseman and switch-hitter, Chase Headley moved to the San Diego Padres from the New York Yankees for the 2018 season. This is his second stint at the Padres after he started his career with the franchise in 2007.

Infielder Zack Cozart moved from the Cincinatti Reds where he had spent seven seasons to the Los Angeles Angels at the start of 2018. Cozart was an All-Star in 2017.

Shohei Otani comes into MLB after having played four seasons for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in Japan. There, he threw 624 strikeouts and hit 48 home runs during his career.

From the Dominican Republic, designated hitter and catcher Carlos Santana moved to the Philadelphia Phillies in 2018 after spending seven years at the Cleavland Indians.

The Cincinnati Reds became the home for pitcher Jared Hughes at the start of the 2018 MLB season after a stint at the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates before that. Hughes has thrown 243 strikeouts during his time in the MLB.

Pitcher Bryan Shaw moved from the Cleaveland Indians to the Colorado Rockies for the start of the 2018 MLB season. Shaw is an experienced pitcher with 400 strikeouts to his name in MLB.

Now with the Kansas City Royals, pitcher Willy Peralta spent six years with the Milwaukee Brewers. He has thrown 511 strikeouts at this point in his career.

With 604 strikeouts during his career up to this point, Tom Koehler is a good addition to the LA Dodgers pitching stocks in 2018. He previously played for the Toronto Blue Jays and the Miami Marlins.

Pitcher Anthony Swarzak joined the New York Mets at the start of the 2018 season. He has played in the MLB since 2009 and for five different franchises before the Mets.

Yusmeiro Petit joined up with the Oakland Athletics for the 2018 MLB season after time with five other franchises during his career which started in 2006. Petit has thrown 573 strikeouts at this point in his career.

Jordan Lyles signed with the San Diego Padres for the 2018 season. A pitcher, Lyles has played in MLB since 2011, representing the Astros and Rockies before his move to the Padres.

Juan Nicaso has moved to the Seattle Mariners for the 2018 MLB season. Nicasio has previously represented five other franchises in a career that started in 2011.

Luke Gregerson joined the St. Louis Cardinals from the Houston Astros for the 2018 season. A World Series champion, Gregerson has claimed over 600 strikeouts in his nine year career.

Doug Fister joined the Texas Rangers from the Boston Red Sox for the 2018 season. With over 900 career strikeouts, he is a good addition to their roster.

Outfield Giancarlo Stanton, a four-time All-Star, made the move to the New York Yankees at the start of the 2018 season. Stanton had previously played for the Florida and Miami Marlins since 2010. Stanton has hit 270 home runs during his career.

A relief pitcher, Jake McGee has returned to the MLB after last playing for Tampa Bay in 2015. In 2018, he will turn out for the Colorado Rockies.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Welington Castillo moved from the Baltimore Orioles to the Chicago White Sox for the start of the 2018 season. A catcher, Castilo has managed 82 home runs during his MLB career.

Hailing from Cuba, 2017 All-Star Yonder Alonso moved from Seattle Mariners to the Cleveland Indians for the 2018 season. Alonso is a first baseman.

A catcher, Chris Iannetta joined the Colorado Rockies lineup in 2018 after moving from the Arizona Diamondbacks. With a batting average of .232, Iannetta has hit 125 home runs during his career.

Leonys Martin, who hails from Cuba, joined the Detroit Tigers in 2018 after stints at Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners and four years at the Texas Rangers. Martin has hit 179 home runs and stolen 116 bases during his career.

Now with the Houston Astros, pitcher Joe Smith has had a long MLB career which started in 2007. He has thrown 550 career strikeouts at present.

Now at the Dodgers, pitcher Henry Owens started his MLB career with the Boston Red Sox.

An All-Star on two occasions, Dee Gordon turns out for the Seattle Mariners in 2018 after moving from the Miami Marlins. During his MLB career, Gordon has managed 285 stolen bases.

Fernando Rodney joined the Minnesota Twins in 2018. Since his debut in 2002, Rodney has thrown 829 strikeouts and made over 300 saves.

World Series champion, six-time All-Star, CC Sabathia technically didn't change sides for the 2018 MLB season but re-signed for the New York Yankees. Sabathia has thrown 2.853 strikeouts during his career.

A two-time All-Star, Pat Neshek moved from the Colorado Rockies back to the Philadelphia Phillies, a team he represented a year earlier. Neshek made his entry into the MLB in 2006.

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