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Don't get eaten by a whale! While this sounds like a weird suggestion, it's not that strange when you consider the miracles of the Bible. From being raised from the dead to turning water into wine, can you match the miracle to the biblical figure?

Due to a large number of followers, the Bible is possibly the most common piece of religious material ever followed. At the center of a few faiths, it is most commonly regarded by Christians and Jews. With Christianity being the most widely practiced form of faith with 2.2 billion followers and Judaism coming in 8th with 13.9 million, you can be certain that the teachings of the Bible spread all over the world. 

While the Bible helps provide the basis for both of these faiths, it is filled with miracles that have been spoken about for centuries. Can you remember them all? Enough to match the miracle to the figure?

Who was asked to turn water to wine at the wedding feast in Cana? Which couple was able to conceive well into their old age? Which biblical figure was able to part the Red Sea? Can you identify all of these figures? Since they are some of the most prominent figures in the Bible, we would hope so!

Will you make it to the end of this quiz? Will you be eaten alive, or will you turn water into wine? 

Let's find out!

Jesus performed many miracles that benefited many people. In Cana, He transformed simple water into delicious wine to help which people?

Bible experts point to this incident at Cana where jesus performed his first miracle to help a newlywed couple. He turned water into wine when the alcoholic drink ran out, helping the bride and groom in the process.


With the hand of God, the Red Sea literally parted to let him and the people he was leading walk to safety, away from the enemy. Who is this prophet?

Moses was leading his people out to Egypt when they got stumped by the Red Sea. An earnest prayer to God led Him to pave a way, literally, for Moses and the people to walk on forward.


A battling Joshua asked for a miracle from God so their army could win in battle. What miracle was solar-ly performed for him?

In the book of Joshua, Joshua himself prayed that the sun keep still while they go on battle with the Amorites. With God on your side, you won't have enemies!


Whether the miracle is innate in Him or given to him by His Father, this man was able to walk on water. Who is He?

Jesus walked on water, as recorded by the Gospels. Matthew, Mark and John all have their own accounts of this incident.


The child Isaac was a miracle personified, given to very old senior citizen parents by God. Who are they?

Sarah was already an elderly woman when she conceived Isaac. And Abraham was pushing 100 already, but hey, it's a miracle baby!


This group of people got showered with food from the heavens, but Moses kinda got miffed that they weren't following God's orders on handling the food. Who are they?

The Israelites got showered with manna from heaven, thanks to Moses' prayers and God's help. This story is found in the books of Exodus.


In the book of Matthew, it was recorded that Jesus performed a healing miracle on this kind of skin diseased man. Who is this man?

Many kinds of people wanted the quick miracle of healing. A leper got it when he boldly approached Jesus and asked for that kind of healing -- and got it.


This strong man's miracle was with him since he had hair, but it soon left when it was all shaven. Who is he?

The strong man feared by the enemy is Samson. His miraculous strength is due to his long locks. So when it got shaven, his miracle strength also disappeared.


He is the man who built an ark, was mocked for it, but God's "miraculous tip" made him and his family survive the deadly flood. Who is he?

Noah was spared annihilation when God tipped him to build an ark. Even if it was hard, he did it.


This man was already dead for 4 days but Jesus insisted on performing a miracle to bring him back to life. Who is that lucky guy?

Lazarus was already beginning to rot and stench, since he had been dead for four days. But Jesus works miracles, and rose him from the dead nonetheless.


Moses' real brother also got a miracle when his staff suddenly produced some blossoms. Who is this guy?

Aaron's rod actually had more than blossoms. By the grace of God, the blossoms bore almonds to boot.


One kind of miracle Jesus performed was an exorcism. What was the name of this man he exorcised, said to be possessed by the devil?

Mark, Matthew and Luke documented how Jesus exorcised a man named Legion. Now it's unsure if Legion was the possessor or the possessed, but hey, Jesus saves!


One of God's messengers was fed by ravens when he got hungry. What's the name of this man?

Elijah was ordered by the Lord to hide somewhere near a brook. He was also told to expect food from ravens. Such awesome food delivery!


Matthew recorded of an incident where Jesus healed this man, who fell from a roof and hurt himself. What kind of man is he?

A paralytic was healed by Jesus. No need for paramedics during those days, if you believed hard enough.


This man was thrown into the lion's den, but his faith is strong, and he was spared. Who is he?

Daniel was victimized by false accusations, and the punishment was getting thrown in the lion's den. But innocent men are protected by God, so he was spared.


This dude proves that, if you pray hard enough, even a big fish or whale or whatever that swallowed you would spit you out in a split second. Who's this lucky guy?

Jonah was already inside the belly of a big fish when God spoke to the fish to spit Jonah out. Yeah, maybe it was a whale...


Joshua led a small group of men whose task was to blow trumpets to signal the destruction of the impenetrable walls of Jericho. Who were these men who saw the miracle up close?

A small group of priests would be the first to witness the miracle outlined by God regarding the destruction of Jericho's walls. As they blew they trumpets, they saw it firsthand!


The Bible recorded many miraculous pregnancies, but none as miraculous as hers, who conceived without original sin. Who is she?

Mary was chosen to bear the Son of God. Nothing gets more miraculous than a virgin birth!


These three wise men were shown a miracle when they tried to follow a guided star to Bethlehem. What are they called?

The Magi are the three wise men, or the three kings, who searched for the location where Jesus was born. They were miraculously guided by a shining star. Talk about celestial navigation!


God granted Moses many miracles. To quench their thirst, this was one of them.

Moses was doing a huge errand for God in leading his people out of slavery. So He helped them quench their thirst by having water gush out of a rock in the middle of a desert.


Jesus performed a miracle to help a relative of the synagogue leader named Jairus. What did He do and which relative is this?

Jairus first approached Jesus to hopefully heal his very sick daughter, who eventually died. Jesus still went to their place even if she was already dead -- and brought her back to life.


Jesus also performed a miracle to the relative of a royal official in Capernaum, a fishing village located in Galilee. Which relative is this?

This is an incident where Jesus' words were enough to heal a very sick son of an official and save him from dying. As soon as He said that the kid is going to be okay, the boy's sickness left, and he became well.


Jehoshaphat was a nobleman who was helped by God by providing water for him and his army in a deserted valley. What was his noble rank?

King Jehoshaphat is the ruler of the Kingdom of Judah. In a journey with his army, God provided water for him, for he was a good man -- most of the time, that is.


Who knew that touching Jesus' garments would heal a woman in Galilee of sickness? What piece of clothing did she touch?

A woman who suffered from years of bleeding thought that she would get healed if she could only touch Jesus' cloak -- and she was! But Jesus got startled and felt the accidental miracle happen behind Him, and didn't reprimand the woman for doing so.


Gideon wanted to be sure that he was the right pick of God to save his people from evil clutches. So God performed a miracle on this piece of cloth which Gideon put on the ground. What was this cloth?

Gideon put his fleece on the dry ground, and if it became wet with dew the next morning while the ground was dry, so he got initially convinced. But he asked God to perform the miracle a second time, in reverse, so he also saw the fleece wet when the ground around it was dry.


When Jesus only had 5 loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish, how many people was he able to feed that one time?

Once in a teaching trip somewhere, Jesus blessed a basket loaded with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. But it was able to feed about 5,000 people, according to all the Gospel writers -- though the exact count varied per Gospel, but it's still in the thousands.


The prophet Elijah also received many miracles from God, like this one weather disturbance he sent, when the prophet prayed for it. What was it?

Elijah was on top of Mount Carmel when he prayed for rain. Maybe God hears it better due to the altitude? Good for him!


King Jeroboam's body part somehow got withered, but later healed by the miracle of God. What body part is this?

King Jeroboam's hand got withered so fast. But he asked for a prayer and help, and got it -- and got it back in good shape.


What kind of PWD did Jesus heal at Bethsaida?

A blind man got his sight back when Jesus performed a simple miracle on him. Well, Jesus actually spit on his eyes, to restore his sight, then blessed him with His hand.


Jesus' disciple also performed miracles like him, like raising people from the dead. Which disciple was this, who performed miracles in places like Lydda and Joppa?

Peter traveled far and wide, too. And he performed miracles as well, just like Jesus.


Peter the disciple healed a paralytic named Aeneas who lived in Lydda. Whose name did Peter invoke when healing the man?

Peter invokes the name of Jesus Christ when he does his miracle healing sessions. And it worked!


When Peter traveled to Joppa, he raised this good woman from the dead. What was her name?

Tabitha was a very good woman beloved by many in her place in Joppa. So they were very happy when Peter brought her back from the dead.


Jesus was first reluctant to help this woman who was not Jewish, who was requesting an exorcism for her daughter. What's the term used for the woman?

A Gentile woman approached Jesus for help, but He initially refused because she wasn't an Israelite. But of course, He still helped and performed a miracle on her daughter eventually.


A guy named Balaam was saved through a miracle and a beast of burden that he owed his life to, later on. What animal is this?

Balaam was riding his donkey when the animal saw danger up ahead, so it avoided the path. But Balaam got mad at the poor animal, until an angel of God set things straight.


Perhaps the greatest miracle ever recorded in the Bible is the very first one -- creation. Who is behind it?

God is the biggest performer of miracles alright. He created the universe, and nothing tops that!


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