Can you match the Disney princess to her dilemma?

By Lenore Brown on January 27, 2018

About This Quiz

What was life like for a Disney princess? Well, it was both good and bad!

The Disney princesses are always thought of fondly, but they had challenges that many of us will be lucky to never have to face. Their lives may have started off easy, but as time went on, they found themselves faced with some pretty big challenges.

If you think you know all of the problems each Disney princess faced, see if you can answer these questions. Maleficent gave Sleeping Beauty a sentence of what? The life of which princess was saved after meeting the Seven Dwarfs? Do you know the princess that had to prove herself but had trouble because of her stepmother?

Make sure you know the people and villains in their movies, this will help you identify the correct princess! True Disney fans will know their princesses very well.

We're lucky not to have to go through the same challenges as these women faced in daily life. From the evil stepmothers to the villains they encountered, these girls showed optimism and courage throughout these dilemmas.

A true Disney fan will know the dilemma and how the princesses made it through it. So, if you think you know the princesses and their dilemmas, take the quiz to see your score!

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