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Bears live in the forest and frogs live in the water. Do you think you know where zebras live? Take this quiz now to see how well you can match the animal to its habitat!

Found mainly near the Arctic Ocean, these mammals live in coastal ice fields and on floating ice.

Polar bears weigh anywhere from 330 - 1,300 pounds. They prey on seals, walrus and seabirds.

This popular mammal can be found in homes around the world.

Dogs typically live up to 15 years. They are also carnivores.

This large mammal can be found in the world's tropical bushland, grassland and savannas.

Rhinoceros have leather-like skin. They are an endangered species that has an herbivore diet of grass, berries, fruit and leaves.

Which of the following live in grass plains and mountainous regions?

Sheep are herbivores who eat grass, weeds and flowers. They have thick, woolly coats and short tails.

This creature can be found in rain forests and tropical jungles

Parrots live anywhere between 40 - 80 years old. They enjoy eating fruit, nuts, seeds and insects.

This bird is found in large, shallow wetlands and open water.

Swans are omnivores who live up to 12 years. They are currently a threatened species.

Which of the following live in a river?

Fish live in other bodies of water as well. They survive in water because they have gills which they use for breathing under water.

This sly mammal lives mainly in woodland areas and urban parks...

Fox are typically 16-33 inches long and weigh between 11-24 pounds. They live up to 11 years.

These small mammals, sometimes hit by cars, typically live in woodlands and dense forests.

Many people think it's acorns, but a squirrel's favorite food is actually fruit. Squirrels are preyed upon by snakes, coyotes and weasels.

This mammal is found primarily in Central and South America in the rain forest, swamp and floodplains.

Jaguars have a top running speed of 50 miles per hour. They prey on deer, capybara and tapir.

Which of the following lives in a deep, dark cave?

Mountain lions live in caves, not only for shelter, but to help protect their young cubs.

This large mammal is mainly found in the open grasslands and plains of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Young zebras are known as foal. Zebras typically travel as a herd. Though preyed upon by other mammals, they themselves are herbivores.

This large mammal can be found in the forest and mountainous regions of the world.

Cougars weigh anywhere from 64 - 198 pounds. They are preyed upon by humans and grizzly bears.

Which of the following are found in warm, quiet and murky waters?

Crocodiles are a threatened species. They have tough skin and large mouths with snapping jaws.

These birds, generally found standing on one leg, are found in large lakes and plant-less lagoons...

Flamingos have a long, curved beak. They are pink, orange, blue or white in color.

This large mammal is found in the open ocean and coastal regions.

Humpback whales have long fins and wide, flat heads. They weigh anywhere from 40 - 100 TONS!

This type of fish sounds like it could be a mammal and is found in fast-flowing rivers and lakes.

Catfish have flat, broad heads and whiskers. Their favorite food is fish and they also prey on frogs and worms.

This highly sought-after bird tends to be found in open woodlands and sheltered grasslands.

Chickens have a lifespan of 2-4 years. They eat seeds, fruit, insects and berries and make a familiar clucking sound.

This small mammal can be found in the forest, meadows and woodlands.

Rabbits are herbivores weighing in at 1.1 - 6.6 pounds. They live up to 8 years.

This bird can be found looking quite lazy in rivers, lakes and woodland wetlands.

Ducks typically weigh less than 3 pounds. They prey on insects, frogs, plants and shellfish.

This mammal has a complex digestive system and lives mainly in the forest and grasslands.

Cows have thick, leathery skin. They mostly eat grass and can weigh up to 1,760 pounds!

With a large, curved beak and strong, sharp claws, this bird is found near open waters such as rivers, lakes and coastal regions.

Eagles enjoy eating mostly fish. They are preyed upon by humans, hawks and raccoons.

This type of animal lives mainly in the woodlands and grass prairies.

Gophers prey on roots, fruit and leaves. They are preyed upon by owls, snakes and coyotes.

This mammal is found in its natural habitat of Southeastern Australia.

Koala bears are nocturnal mammals. They live 15-20 years and their young are called joey.

Which of the following lives in forest areas that are close to the Arctic tundra?

Moose are herbivores who love eating grass. They tend to weigh 600 - 1,500 pounds and can be preyed upon by humans, bears and wolves.

This creature can be found living in river banks, lakes and streams...

Otters prey on fish, crabs and frogs. They have a long, streamlined body and a broad, flat tail.

This creature lives in tropical and temperate waters around the world.

The octopus has a life span of 2-15 years. it is preyed upon by eels, sharks and dolphins.

This animal lives in tropical forests, grasslands, and mountainous plains...

Monkeys are omnivores but their favorite food is fruit. Their typical lifespan is 10-30 years.

This hard-shelled creature lives in well-vegetated areas.

Snails can range in size from .02 - 40 pounds. Their favorite food is leaves, and they must watch out for rodents, frogs and birds.

This bird lives mainly in desert and savanna areas around the world.

An ostrich may live up to 70 years. Its distinctive features include small wings, a long neck and long legs.

This reptile lives in rocky deserts and mountainous regions.

Geckos have scales for skin and their favorite food is insects. They typically live 2-9 years.

This mammal, weighing in at 6,500 - 12,000 pounds, lives in the rain forest and flood plains.

Elephants have a large body and a long trunk they use for gathering food. Their favorite food, though popularly believed to be peanuts, is grass.

Found in cold seas and rocky areas, this bird enjoys eating fish.

Penguins have a life span of about 20-30 years. They are preyed upon by leopard seals, sharks, and killer whales.

This creature can be found in both shallow and deep ocean waters... Watch out, they sting!

Jellyfish weigh less than one pound. They live for 1-5 years and prey on fish and eggs.

This musically-inclined creature can be found among the trees of rain forests and tropical jungles around the world...

Hummingbirds are an endangered species. They live 3-5 years and enjoy eating nectar most.

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