Can You Match the '90s Wrestler to Their Signature Move?

By Torrance Grey on February 20, 2018

About This Quiz

Business was booming for professional wrestling in the 1990s, with three significant promotions going strong: the WWF (now the WWE), WCW, and ECW all going strong. Favorite veterans like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Rowdy Roddy Piper were still going strong, but newcomers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and Chyna were on their way up. And we can't forget the ones who were just plain odd, like "Man of Three Faces" Mick Foley and his friend Al Snow. 

With so many wrestlers competing for glory and fan support, they all needed a solid finishing move. The old staples, like the clothesline, the sleeper hold, or the suplex wouldn't cut it anymore, although some finishers were flashy, updated variations on these old chestnuts. 

It's been a while since the glory days of the 90s -- but if you're a true wrestling fan, you haven't forgotten your favorites and their match-ending moves. For example, do you remember who used the "People's Elbow"? Or the "Pedigree"? Surely, you can't have forgotten the "Sharpshooter" and the legend who used it. 

So join us for a nostalgic trip back in time. Pour yourself a Jolt or a Crystal Pepsi, and take our quiz on the best finishing moves from the 1990s. Some of them were real stunners!

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