Can You Make It Out Of The Jungle Alive?

By Teresa M. on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

If you woke up the only survivor in a jungle plane crash, could you make it out alive? Would you be able to remain calm enough to navigate your way through jungle flora, fauna, and predators? Are you fearless enough to stare down an anaconda and take its dinner, or are you the type who would spend your time in the dark crying? 

Channel your inner Survivorman for this quiz! As you machete your way through one of the world's thickest and most dangerous environments, we'll ask you to make the choices necessary to get out alive. Just like real life survival, there are no right or wrong choices. 

Some choices will simply make your jungle existence safer and more bearable. Once you've proven that you have what it takes to get yourself to safety and civilization, we'll let you know how well you've done. Some of you may survive and come out in better shape than you've ever been in; however, others of you will require a stretcher! 

Try to think with your clearest mind, and remain open to any choice you are given. The things you choose to help you get through the jungle, and the way you use them, will tell us everything. Let's find out if you can survive a wild and untamed jungle!

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