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In the 23rd century you can have anything you want and do anything you want...until you turn 30. Logan (Michael York) realizes life might be worth risking to discover what might be beyond the cloistered world he lives in and understands.

In the opening, the people of the 23rd century are survivors. Of which of these are they NOT survivors ?

Disease does not seem to be as much of an issue when people only live to the age of 30.


What is the mark of identification that indicates social status?

The mark on one's palm is color-coded to reveal your age and thus life status. A person cannot slip through the system.


When people reach the age of 30, there are two options. They die or what?

This ceremony is what the population believes is a way of rejuvenating one's existence. People do not speak of death.


What position does Logan hold?

As a "sandman" he chases down those who 'run' from their fate when they turn 30. He is a futuristic policeman.


What is something the crowd chants when one goes through the Carousel ritual?

People believe there is something after this life and that you are, in essence, "recycled."


In this futuristic society, one lives "____________________."

A person doesn't live long enough so enjoyment is the goal. Everything a person wants is at their fingertips.


What is an identifier of age?

There are age ranges for different colors. The color red is a "danger" color meaning you are approaching age 30.


How does Logan meet Jessica?

Jessica tells him she has changed her mind in wanting to be a companion. He does not seem to mind and then picks up with some women his friend, Francis, brings by.


What does the symbol Jessica wears represent?

Jessica wears the ankh on a necklace. Logan later sees it again when preparing for his undercover work.


In this world, "Nobody's been _______________________."

No one has yet to be renewed.


Logan is asked to go undercover. What is required?

He needs to be at the age a runner would be so he can discover the sanctuary for "runners."


Farrah Fawcett plays a character named Holly. What is Holly's role in the story?

Holly tells Logan he can change just about any body part and offers some choices. Lasers are used for the procedure.


When Logan goes for a face change, what happens?

Logan starts to suspect something bad is about to happen. The guy running the operation is tied down to the operation table and fried up by the lasers.


What does Logan say to convince Jessica's cohorts he is to be trusted?

The runners supposedly know where sanctuary is and finding it is Logan's mission. He seems to have won over Jessica.


As Jessica and Logan try to escape to sanctuary, Logan tells her to go back. What reason does she give for going forward?

Jessica and Logan seem to have bonded and there's more than just a friendly rapport.


As they escape to sanctuary, Jessica and Logan are raised on a platform. Where does it take them?

At the top of an elevator platform, they find themselves in a large, frozen cave. They see frozen birds as they explore.


Who greets Jessica and Logan in the frozen world?

The robot seems friendly and wants to befriend Logan and Jessica.


What is stored in the ice caves?

The robot keeps referring to "other food," which is the people frozen in the walls of the cave.


What is the robot's job?

He literally tells Jessica and Logan "It's my job." Logan shoots lasers at the robot and damages it.


When Jessica and Logan finally get to the "outside world," why does Jessica say she "hates" it?

While sitting on the ground, a lizard frightens her. The uncertain world is intimidating.


What makes Logan believe he is finally free of the world he left?

The palm crystals dictate your age by color and show when you are approaching the end of your life. Logan and Jessica have no color in their crystals in the outside world.


Jessica and Logan see the Lincoln Memorial. What comment is made?

They have never seen a person who has aged past 30. The statue is overgrown with moss and plants.


What public place do Jessica and Logan encounter that is confusing to them?

They have no understanding of the names and numbers on the gravestones. Their world does not bury the dead.


What is the first group of live creatures Logan sees in the new world?

They follow the cat and discover an old man who has many more cats. It is the first human they have seen in the outside world.


Logan encounters an old man in the new world. What does the man reply when Logan asks if he is alone?

The old man's parents raised him but they have died. He doesn't indicate any other people are around.


The old man says cats have three names: an ordinary name, a fancy name, and_____________________________________.

He explains that cats have names for each other. Humans don't know the names.


How does Francis die?

Francis follows Logan to the new world. He feels he needs to bring Logan back as a "runner" and they fight with one another.


What promise does Jessica make to the old man?

The old man tells her his parents are buried in the cemetery. He wants to be with them when he passes on.


What does the old man say is "worth its weight in gold"?

His world is primitive so fire is valuable for heat, cooking, and protection.


Why does Logan insist on going back to the world where he lived most of his life?

Logan wants everyone to know that people can live beyond the age of 30. Spreading that truth will free them all.


What terms do Jessica and Logan adopt for one another?

Jessica and Logan see these words on the gravestones and don't understand them until the old man explains it to them.


After Logan returns from the outside world, he is interrogated. What is he continually asked?

The computer doesn't accept Logan's response and continues to ask him. His mission was to find sanctuary.


What does Logan NOT tell the people when he returns from the outside?

No one will have to "run" if the truth is known and spread.


What does Logan repeatedly say that causes the interrogation computer to explode?

Logan does not provide an answer that will satisfy those in charge. An explosion happens in the aftermath.


When Jessica first meets the old man, she wants to know__________________________________________.

Since Jessica has never seen anyone past age 30, she has not seen wrinkles or gray hair.


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