Can You Identify These Trucks from Country Music Videos?

By Jacqueline Samaroo on July 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Feel in the mood for a rip-roaring trucking adventure? Then drive right into this country music trucks quiz, but be warned - they're NOT all Chevys!

Country music lovers know that almost every video will have at least one truck featured in it. That's because there's "Somethin' ' Bout a Truck" in a country music video that just feels natural and right. Come to think of it, there something about A BUNCH OF TRUCKS in a country music video that's just natural and right, too.

There are many country songs which focus on that one special truck - often one which holds sentimental value like the memory of a loved one. Do you remember that sad but inspiring song about a fallen soldier's truck and the brother who still drives it? We know you do, but can you recall what type of truck was featured in the music video? It's in the quiz, go find out!

Nothing is more fun than a bunch of trucks tearing up a dirt road or a farmer's field - set to the tune of a good ol' country song, of course. 18-wheelers, four-wheel drives or awesome-looking vintage trucks - doesn't matter, as long as the dust goes flying! We're thinking of one song in particular (you know the one) and we took a few trucks from it. Think you can identify them? Shift into gear and give it a shot!

You'll have to be a big fan of both country music and trucks to get all of these correct. "Cruise" into the quiz and show us you are, now!

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