Can You Identify These Trout from an Image?

By Monica Lee on June 27, 2018

About This Quiz

Sure, rainbow trout ... that's an easy one. But when you're identifying cutthroat trout you may need more than a net to catch the name of it -- as there are 14 different species of this trout. The cutthroat itself is easy to identify. Just think of someone pulling their finger across their throat. That is where the cutthroat trout has its cuts. Plus, the orange marks along the undersides of their mandibles and at the lower folding of the gill plate area make it look like recent cuts. 

If this type of trout isn't your game, maybe you like the Apache trout. This little fishy can be identified by its eyes. On each side of the pupil, you might see a small black spot, which makes it appear that each pupil has a black stripe running through each of its eyes. Kinda like a snake. And did we tell you the one about the Bonneville cutthroat trout, over 40 pounds and a fighter ... but wait, this is YOUR fish tale to tell.  We'll start it. "There was a quiz so challenging that only the best trout fisherman could survive through the entire quiz ..." Now finish the quiz and get ready to tell your own fish story. Jump in now and get your feet wet.

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