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So you think you know what a thoroughbred horse is? Well, there's more to them than meets the eye, that's for sure!

Horse breeding is a centuries-old trade, and horses are cross-bred to produce specific qualities for specific purposes. When we talk about thoroughbred horses, that's basically the line of horses bred specifically for horse racing. At least that was their initial intent!

The thoroughbred horse traces its historical lineage to Europe. England wanted sturdier horses for their races, so specific horses with sturdy pedigree were developed there. That was in the 1600s and 1700s. 

But the thoroughbred horse didn't merely stay in England. With breeding comes exporting, and the new pedigree was sold all around the world, wherever there was a demand. 

Other countries soon saw a need for these sturdy animals, and they started to cross-breed their own. Therefore, thoroughbred pedigree horses are not only bred for race purposes, but also for other purposes where their characteristics are needed. 

The result today is a wide variety of horse breeds that have the thoroughbred line in them. And boy, there are many of them! Try your hand at recognizing these thoroughbred horses from around the world. We promise you'll get a kick out of this quiz!

This is one of the known stallions included in the "foundation sires" of every thoroughbred in the world. Can you tell what horse this is?

The Byerly Turk is but one of the three main stallions considered as the "foundation sires" of all thoroughbred-lined horses in today's world. The other two are the Darley Arabian and the Godolphin Arabian.


The British royalty have this one in their stables. What horse is it?

The Cleveland Bay is considered as one of the royal favorites in England. The British Royal Family utilizes them for many official occasions, such as in processions or parades.


This Australian breed traces its roots as far back as the 19th century. What is it?

The Waler horse was perfect for cavalry use in Australia. They arrived at a time when the country was made up of colonies.


This popular European cross-breed might find itself playing with leprechauns on slow days. What is it?

Irish mares were cross-bred with thoroughbreds to produce the Irish Draught Horse. This is one of the more common horses used for hunting and also for competition purposes.


This U.S. breed is touted as one of the oldest horse breeds still in existence today. What's it called?

The American Quarter Horse could be traced all the way back to the early Virginia settlers. They used the horses for racing first.


In French, this breed is known as "Le Cheval de Selle Francais." What is its English name?

The French Saddle Horse was meant to be a sport horse. They usually come in chestnut color, but other colors also exist.


This breed could be seen in its namesake's country capital of Brussels and anywhere else in the land. What is it called?

Belgian Warmblood horses are meant to be used for jumping. However, their lineage traces them to horses that were used for agricultural purposes.


Along with salmon, this horse breed is clearly from Norway, due to its pedigree. What's it called?

The Dole Trotter was first created during the 19th century. They are intended to be used for racing, of course - specifically harness racing.


Since it's a mixture of the English and the Middle Eastern/West Asian, this breed is named what?

The Anglo-Arab horse breed tells you that it has thoroughbred lineage. It's due to the use of the word "Anglo."


This German breed is, of course, used for riding and for driving as well. What's it called?

The Brandenburger is a magnificent sport horse even the Germanic royalty loved, a long time ago. That's due to the energetic nature of this cool animal, perhaps.


American horse breeds like this one are usually named after their owners. What is this called?

The Morgan horse is a breed used for riding. It's also good for any harness purpose, such as to pull carriages and stuff.


With its very appropriate name, this horse that's elegant and comfy to ride was bred by American plantation owners of the 19th century. What's it called?

It was once known as the Kentucky Saddler. But the right term here is the American Saddlebred.


This Brazilian breed is originally one, but a split happened along the line, producing the Marchador. What is it?

There's the Mangalarga Machador, but this one is the Mangalarga horse. Though they came from the same lineage somewhere in their past, they were bred separately to focus on developing specific traits for each.


Interestingly enough, this miniature horse breed has thoroughbred lineage. What's it called?

There's a miniature horse, and there's a pony. The Falabella is considered as a miniature horse.


Perhaps it's appropriately named after the traveling groups of people that used it heavily. What's it called?

The Gypsy Vanner might be known through different names, yet they all point to this breed. it's also called as a Gypsy Horse, plain and simple, or a Gypsy Cob or Irish Cob, depending on who's looking.


Since this is a sport horse breed found in Denmark, it's appropriately named what?

Danish mares were crossbred with thoroughbreds from other parts of Europe. This resulted in the Danish Warmblood breed.


This American breed is popularly used for harness racing. What's it called?

The American Standardbred has been in existence since the late 1700s. They are normally utilized in trotting or pacing races.


This very European-sounding breed also carries its very specific purpose in its name. What's it called?

The Irish Sport Horse also goes by the name Irish Hunter. Its lineage could be traced back to the Irish Draught Horse that was crossbred with a thoroughbred.


This American breed carries the name of its rather colorful "design." What's it called?

True to its name, the American Paint Horse generally has some spotted colors on various parts of its body. But not all of them are spotted, though.


This Caucasus breed's origins is said to be over 400 years old. What is its modern name, as cross-bred with thoroughbreds?

It was only during the 20th century when the crossbreeding between thoroughbreds and the Kabarda horses was done. This produced the Anglo-Kabarda, found in the Kabardino-Balkaria region.


This American breed is named after the Volunteer State. What's it called?

Owners of plantations in the South found good comfort in the Tennessee Walking Horse during the 18th century. That's why this breed spread in that region.


This Russian breed is a good friend and companion to its owners. What's it called?

The Russian Budyonny Horse was actually named after a cavalry commander. His name was Semyon Budyonny, an important figure during the Russian Revolution.


Since this is a breed found in Poland, its name reflects its heritage. What's it called?

They very showy Malopolski horse is great for show jumping. It comes in various colors such as chestnut, gray, bay or black.


This add-on breed was indeed a cross to extend the breed of an established American one. What's it called?

The Appendix horse is actually the byproduct of crossing the American Quarter Horse and an officially registered thoroughbred. Breeding is such a complicated thing, and it is exciting!


This sporting breed is actually quite rare, found in Hungary where it originated. What's it called?

The Kisber Felver descended from great champions of race horses. One of their kind actually earned a spot at the Guinness Book of World Records!


Before it became a luxury car brand, it was actually a breed of horse. What's it called?

The free-roaming wild horses of ancient times were crossbred with various pedigrees to produce the modern-day Mustang. Part of this lineage came from thoroughbred horses.


This breed, originating from an Italian autonomous region, aptly carries its island name with it, which is shortened as AAS in Italian. What's it called?

The Sardinian Anglo-Arab was a specific breed that came from crossing local Sardinian horses with thoroughbred horses. But those Sardinian horses also had Arabian lineage in them.


In the 1930s, thoroughbreds were crossed with this very old Danish breed to create newer lines. What's it called?

Considered as the oldest breed of horse from Denmark, the Frederiksborger has existed for centuries in this land. Its lineage could be traced back to the stud of King Frederik II.


Obviously, this horse breed hails from the land of the maple leaf. What's it called?

The Canadian horse is a good breed for driving and of course for riding. This is the country with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, after all!


The French bred this kind to be used as war horses, originally. What's it called?

The Percheron is a draft horse. That means it's usually bred for domestic labor or farming.


This Australian horse, when grouped, is called a "mob." What are they called?

The Brumby is a feral horse in Australia. That means it's freely roaming around, though they are not considered as wild.


Its name sounds like a sea bordered by its country of origin, Iran, along with Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. What's it called?

The Caspian horse is actually a small horse breed. But it is not considered a pony, since it's closer in nature to horses than ponies.


This Russian breed was developed in the 1920s. Briefly, what's it called?

The Tersk breed is of Russian origin. They are used mainly for racing, as well as endurance riding.


Since this pony hails from Wales, it's appropriately named. What's it called?

The Welsh pony indeed has thoroughbred blood. It's popularly used for equestrian showing and jumping.


This French breed originated in a province known as Brittany, hence the French-British-sounding name. What's it called?

The Breton was once used heavily for military purposes. But it is also versatile enough to be used for farming.


This Chinese breed is small. What's it called?

The Yili is actually a small and compact-looking horse. It hails from the Xinjiang region.


Its name is obviously derived from a county in East Anglia. What's it called?

The Suffolk Punch is a reliable breed once used to pull commercial vehicles that have no motors. They are still reliable today and are used for various forestry duties.


Thoroughbred lineage was added to this breed around 50+ years after it was first discovered. What's it called?

Americans sure love an Appaloosa! It was recommended for preservation as early as the 1930s!


Southern French cowboys ride this breed when they're herding bullfighting bulls. What's it called?

The Camargue horse indeed has some Iberian heritage, as researchers have discovered. But historical evidence also suggests that it has lived for a long time in the Burgundy region.


Switzerland's army used this breed heavily for its reliable characteristics and versatility. What's it called?

The Swiss sure love their Freiberger horse! They have various competitions and shows that feature this revered breed every year.


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