Can You Identify These Poisonous Plants?

By Khadija L. on June 27, 2018

About This Quiz

Plants are some of the most beautiful things found on this planet. We see them every day, many of us send or receive them on special occasions, and there are also some of us who keep them both inside and outside of our homes. With the exception of the Venus flytrap and a few others, plants look harmless, but in actuality, they are some of the most poisonous and deadliest things found in nature.

We've all heard the terrible stories of how both children and animals alike have accidentally ingested nightshade and lily of the valley, how people in some Asian countries use the seeds from different trees in order to commit suicide and homicide, and how people in African tribes use the sap from the desert rose on tips of arrows in order to help in hunting. With all the negatives, some of these plants are also responsible for many of the medications that we use to treat health issues like heart failure.

Would you be able to identify some of these deadly plants if you saw them in your backyard, let alone in this quiz? If you would like to see how well you do, then take this quiz!

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