Can You Identify These Outdated Technologies?

By Maria Trimarchi on March 06, 2018

About This Quiz

Buckle up -- before seatbelts go the way of the dodo bird! We're taking a trip back in time, before iPhones, before self-driving cars and before you could find out about anything from Google. (That's right, there was a time before Google.)

You may not have to worry about it when you stream new releases, but there was a time when video rental stores reminded you to "be kind, rewind!" your videotape rentals. And once upon a time, too, cellphones didn't have things like cameras or heart rate monitors -- although they did have physical keyboards. In fact, when the very first iPhone was announced, back in 2007, it didn't have a physical keyboard, and everyone wondered, how will we ever send emails and text messages on that? Somehow, we managed. And, imagine, no more looking under couch cushions -- or the couch, itself -- for the remote control, or controls depending on your home audio/video system, because you can control your setup with voice commands. Wearables, like smartwatches, and smart home devices, like the Amazon Echo, are growing increasingly popular, and making some of our favorite gadgets obsolete.

Even if you weren't alive in the decades when these technologies were popular, you're still benefiting from them today. Here in the 21st century, after decades -- even centuries -- of technological advances, some pretty basic things, like checkbooks, home phones and headphone jacks have become old news.

Hop into your time machine, and let's see how much you know about outdated tech.

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