Can You Identify These Movies from Their Final Scenes?

By: Kennita Leon
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The whole point of a good movie ending is to make a lasting impression in the minds of viewers. Take for example "Avengers: Infinity War." Just about everyone who saw the ending of that movie felt one of four ways: upset, annoyed, surprised or excited. While the start and the middle of the movie should also be great, it's the end (along with all the action-packed scenes) that we really remember. So today, we want to find out if you can name these movies if we show you a picture of what happens in the end!

We've gathered a variety of movies, both old and new, so as to appeal to all age groups. After we made our list, we found pictures of what happened at the end of each movie. Your job is to first analyze just what the heck is going on in the picture. See if you can identify any of the characters, and jog your brain for the name of the movie. But be careful of those that belong to a series! Is the Harry Potter in the picture younger with a bowl haircut, or does he look tired because he's hunting Horcruxes? 

This quiz, while fun, will challenge you. Let's see if you've got the chops to name all the movie endings from their pictures. 

The Trolls invite the Bergens to sing and dance to spread happiness among each other, after revealing to the Bergen King that joy is found without having to eat a Troll.

Jim learns that the Autodoc works as an improvised hibernation pod for one person and he offers it to Aurora for the rest of the journey. When the crew awakens 80 years later, they find a small house within a garden on the ship's courtyard, revealing that Aurora chose to stay awake with Jim.

T'Challa is healed by Nakia's herb and returns to fight Killmonger. He is able to stab Killmonger who then refuses healing, choosing to die a free man instead. An outreach center honors where N'Jobu died and is governed by Nakia and Shuri.

After discovering that her magical powers are controlled by love, Princess Elsa vows never to lock the gates of the castle again and releases the kingdom from its eternal winter. The sisters reunite, Kristoff and Anna become a couple, and Olaf is given a snow cloud to keep him safe during warmer weather.

Bond, M, and Kincade escape the destruction of Bond's family home in Skyfall. The trio uses a tunnel under the house to find themselves in a chapel; only to find, the villain Silva had survived as well. But Bond throws a knife into Silva's back, killing him. However, M dies in Bond's arms from her earlier wounds.

With Lorraine distracting Carolyn, Ed is able to perform an exorcism, releasing her from Bathsheba's curse. Lorraine tells Ed of another case for investigation on Long Island and before he leaves, he adds a music box to the collection of items saved from past cases, which opens up and plays music inexplicably.

Harley Quinn is able to get close enough to Enchantress to cut out her heart and with the help of Killer Croc, Deadshot shoots an explosive destroying Enchantress' device. June Moone is freed when the Enchantress' heart is crushed by Colonel Rick Flag, and Bruce Wayne is seen asking Waller to dismantle Task Force X.

Louise deciphers that the alien language is the weapon and those able to understand it can tell the future and past. By calling Shang and reciting the words of his dying wife, she is able to stop the planned attack on the alien spacecraft. Ian professes his love to Louise but she knows she will have his daughter, Hannah, who will eventually die.

The destruction of the alien mothership by the RIMPAC fleet drone strike brings an end to the alien invasion. However, an alien pod is found in Scotland by a handyman and three teenagers who open it and run off in fear when an alien hand reaches out.

Letters kept by Coco help to restore Hector's legacy by proving that Ernesto had stolen Hector's songs. Coco dies and joins Imelda and Hector in the land of the dead whiles Miguel serenades his living and deceased family members.

Mia has a daughter and is a happily married and successful actress. On a night out, she notices the logo she had created for Sebastian years earlier and discovers he has opened his own Jazz bar. When Sebastian sees Mia, he plays their love song on a piano and the two imagine what their life could have been together. However, they only smile at each other as Mia leaves with her husband.

Japanese officials investigate the shipwreck by asking Pi to recount the event. Pi tells them the story of the zoo animals, which they do not believe. He then tells them the story of the Taiwanese sailor, the ship's cook and his mother. Pi lets them know neither story can help them identify the shipwreck or be proven. The officials choose to file the report with the story of the zoo animals.

Lori and John attempt to stitch Ted's lifeless body together in hopes of him regaining consciousness. Lori wishes on a shooting star that reinstates life back into Ted's stuffed body. John and Lori marry, Ted continues to date Tami-Lynn and Donny gets arrested, but the charges against him are dropped.

Aurora is woken by true love's kiss from Maleficent who is able to break her own curse cast upon the young girl. However, King Stefan attacks Maleficent with an iron net but Aurora releases her wings, and Maleficent's strength is renewed. After Maleficent kills King Stefan, Princess Aurora is crowned queen.

Max sacrifices himself to reboot Elysium's computers to register every Earth citizen as an Elysian resident and invalidate all citizenship of the current Elysian citizens. President Patel's security guards refuse to arrest Spider as he is now seen as an Elysian citizen. The citizens of Earth receive large shipments of medical supplies deployed by Elysium's computer and a MedBay cures Matilda.

After hearing shy Meena sing ‘Hallelujah,' Buster is inspired to carry on with the show. The crew performs on an improvised stage in front of Meena and Rosita's family. The show airs on the news and Meena wows the crowd by singing ‘Don't Worry ‘bout a Thing.' This impresses Nana who buys the lot and saves the theater.

After the true plot of Komarov is discovered, he tries to escape by helicopter with his accomplice daughter, Irina. John McClane throws their helicopter off -balance by driving a truck into it. Jack throws Komarov into the propellers, killing him and Irina attempts a suicide attack on the father-son duo by crashing the helicopter into a building. However, John and Jack jump from the building into a nearby pool of water and survive.

The Ghostbusters save the day by crossing the stream of their proton packs and destroying the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. By closing Gozer's portal, Dana and Louis are released from being possessed and the Ghostbusters are praised as heroes.

Captain Barbossa kills Salazar by sacrificing himself for Jack, Carina, and Henry to escape. Henry and Carina become a couple and Jack returns as captain of the Pearl. Will is free from the Dutchman and has a nightmare that Davy Jones enters his room.

Baymax's personality chip is used to rebuild him and Hiro is awarded a grant from the university. ln addition, a statue of Tadashi is built in his honor. Fred discovers hidden superhero equipment that belongs to his retired superhero father who returns from vacation.

Shaw's alien octopus-like offspring kills the Engineer by shoving an ovipositor down his throat. Together with the help of David's decapitated head, Shaw launches​ another Engineer spacecraft to visit the Engineers planet in hopes of discovering why they want to destroy humankind; while an alien creature emerges out of the chest of the dead Engineer.

Mowgli starts a wildfire when he steals a torch from the village to use as a weapon against Shere Khan. He tries escaping Shere Khan by climbing up a tree and Shere Khan follows but the tree branch breaks under the tigers' weight and he falls to his death into the fire. The fire is put out by the elephants.

By proving to his escorts that he is a bounty hunter, Django convinces them to give him a revolver, which he uses to kill them both. He then steals their horse and returns to Candyland. Django frees Broomhilda and kills Calvin's henchmen, Lara, Dr. Schultz, and shoots Stephens in the kneecaps before igniting the dynamite that destroys the plantation.

"In Jurassic World's" ending, the raptors attack the Indominus after their bond is re-established with Owen, but three of the raptors are killed. A tyrannosaurus rex is lured into fighting with the Indominus and the surviving raptor joins the battle and gets the Indominus close to the lagoon where the Mosasaurs snatches it. The survivors are then evacuated back to the mainland.

After several attacks from Gaston, he falls to his death while trying to shoot the Beast on top of a bridge. The last petal falls and the beast dies; a tearful Belle professes her love to the Beast causing the enchantress to reveal herself and undo the curse, restore the castle to its glory and return the villagers' memories.

After a failed attempt at killing his nephew, Simba, Scar is tossed off the top of a rock and eaten by hyenas. Simba becomes the new king and the rains begin to fall returning life to the land. Rafiki presents Nala and Simba's newborn cub to the animal gathering and Pride Rock is brought back to its grandeur.

Overcome with fear and attacked by his own parademons, Steppenwolf is defeated by the Justice League. An operation base is agreed to be set up for the team with space for more members to be recruited. Lex Luthor manages to escape from Arkham Asylum and forms his league; he starts off by recruiting Slade Wilson.

Thenardiers crashes the wedding of Marius and Cosette in an attempt to blackmail Marius. Marius attacks Thenardier who uncovers Valjean is at the wedding. Valjean gives Cossette and Marius letters of confession, dies peacefully and is led away by the Bishop's spirit and Fantine.

Nick graduates as the first fox police from Zootopia Police Academy after uncovering the plot by Bellwether to form a prey supremacist society. His partner, Judy, recorded Bellwether's confession and gives it to the ZPD to have him arrested. The savage animals are cured and released from jail.

In trying to re-adjust to civilian life, a psychiatrist encourages Kyle to help another wounded veteran adjust. He decides to help a veteran by taking him to a shooting range but is killed by the very veteran he was trying to help.

Pandora's wildlife joins the battle in helping the Na'vi to overwhelm the humans. All humans are banished from Pandora. Jake's body is attacked by Quaritch, who is killed by Neytiri who she saves Jake from suffocation and with the aid of the Tree of Souls, has his body permanently placed into his avatar.

Danny is shot during an attack by the Japanese army and tells Rafe that he will have to be the father of Evelyn's baby. When Rafe returns to California, he marries Evelyn and they visit Danny's grave with Evelyn's son, who is also named Danny. Rafe takes his stepson flying using the old biplane Danny once piloted.

Toula and Gus have a traditional Greek wedding and her father presents the newlyweds with the deed to a new house. The newlyweds travel to Greece for their honeymoon. Toula and Ian have a daughter who they name Paris and their new home is right next door to Toula's parents' house.

Efforts made by Lewis to bring the Hermes close enough to Watney are futile, Watney uses his ingenuity to pierce a hole into his glove, releasing pressure from his suit and propelling him to Lewis to be rescued. After returning to Earth, Watney becomes a survival coach for astronauts.

Lucy successfully ascends into the space-time continuum before Jang can shoot her. Del Rio kills Jang and the supercomputer offers professor Norman a black jump drive and then disintegrates. When Del Rio asks Professor Norman about Lucy's whereabouts, he sees a text message that reads ‘I AM EVERYWHERE.'

At the end of "Fifty Shades Darker," a confrontation between Elena and Ana ends up with Christian confessing that Elena never taught him to love as Ana did. His mother overhears the fight and slaps Elena, demanding that she stay away from her family. Unbeknownst to Christian, who is proposing to Ana at the boathouse, the man who sabotaged his helicopter, Jack Hyde, is secretly watching the party.

Voldemort's final attempt at killing Harry Potter backfires when a Killing Curse for Harry using the Elder Wand rebounds and destroys Voldemort. Some years later, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny, and Draco watch as their kids leave to attend Hogwarts.

Rose drops the Heart of the Ocean necklace into the water as it is revealed that she lived a life full of adventure and liberty. Young Jack and Rose emerge at the Titanic's Grand Staircase to the applause of those who died.

Dory and friends return to the reef after helping her find her parents. The TankGang from "Finding Nemo" is picked up by the Marine Life Institute staffers whiles floating around in their plastic bags.

After Duncan accidentally ejects himself into space, Jake and Ute restore control to the world's space agencies with the help of Max, Sarah, and Palma. Months later, Jake works for as the head engineer of a new system of satellites.

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