Can You Identify These Logos From a Partial Image?

By Jody Mabry on February 28, 2018

About This Quiz

For many companies their logo is everything. Consider McDonald's Golden Arches, arguably the most well-known logo in the world. Can you imagine driving through a city without seeing the arches somewhere along the way? A good logo will help you make decisions. Do you want the Golden Arches or the Burger King? Or, maybe a red and white bucket of the Colonel's best fried chicken? 

But, don't think your decision to buy food is the only decision logos help to lean you in a direction. For example, are you Ford Tough or do you follow the Chevy bow tie?  

From restaurants to car manufacturers and of course your favorite superhero people love logos as much as companies like the money their logos bring in. How well do you know the logos that you grew up with? They are everywhere and you see them every day. But, how much of an impact do they have on your life? Do you think you know the difference between the Astin Martin logo and the Bentley logo? What if you have a partial logo of Wendy's and Carl's Jr.? 

This quiz has some of the most popular logos. You know them, you use them and subconsciously you probably talk to them. But, how well will you do if you only have a portion of the logo to figure out which company or brand is represented? Let's take this quiz to find out!

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