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If you love junk food items, we challenge you to take this image test -- now! Believe us, it's more colorful than you think!

Who doesn't love their snacks, right? Most times, these snacks are classified as junk food. But that's not all bad! There's junk food that's also filling, but of course there's junk food that's just really low in any kind of value, nutrition-wise. 

So if there's junk food that's healthy, why call it that? Well, that's because it's usually not part of a very good and balanced diet. Plus, it's also prepared fast, therefore many preservatives and fats are put into its preparation. 

An example of this is fast food entrees. Regardless of the kind of cuisine the fast food serves, chances are its preparation still included using ingredients that may not be healthy when consumed for a long time. Plus the food is almost always deep-fried or or pan-fried, never grilled or roasted. For those that offer grilled and roasted stuff, check out their sides. Sometimes, the culprit is there.

But whatever! We still eat it, right? Perhaps the key is moderation. We should indulge once in a while, but we should also balance it out with better food.

Having said that, you think you can now try to identify these yummy black and white treats? Then let's chomp on it!

From kernel to this, what do you call it?

Popcorn is something you eat plain or with some flavors. Buttered is the best!


This deep-fried meat product is called what?

Pork rind is actually deep-fried pig skin. Try dipping it in some vinegar; life-changing!


What do you generally call these drinks?

Soda is also called soft drinks in some parts of the world. But they're all fizzy, and unhealthy if consumed in huge doses.


This kinda soft-served cold treat is called what?

Dairy Queen's famous Blizzard is their special soft-served cold treat. When you turn it upside down, they claim it will hold!


Recognize this one? What is it?

Pop Tarts are actually ready to eat from the box. So it's a portable pastry snack.


This long pastry is called what?

Churros are deep-fried light dough pastries. They're best dipped in thick hot chocolate, Spanish style.


What is this chicken part?

Friend chicken wings are fast food items that are not generally healthy since they're fried. But hey, it's really delish, right?


What do you call this famous food for delivery?

Who doesn't know pizza? It's the universal language! Sorta.


And this round thing is called what?

The Moon Pie has a marshmallow center sandwiched between two cookies. The cookies have chocolate covers.


They come in glowing form sometimes. What are they?

Gummy worms are chewy and not-so-sweet. Sometimes they come in very sour flavors, too.


Idaho is happy about their demand. What is this called?

Potato chips are made in various forms worldwide. Try sampling different flavors of chips and you'll be amazed!


This Tex-Mex dish-snack is called what?

Nachos are Tex-Mex-originated snacks. They have tortilla chips topped with many ingredients, usually cheese and salsa, also some ground pork and olives.


What's this cake snack called?

A Twinkie is basically a small and soft cake snack. But it's not considered as healthy by some sectors!


A favorite at fairs! What is it?

Corn dogs are basically sausages dipped in some cornmeal batter, and fried. Longer versions usually have sticks so they're easier to hold.


What's this famous "cookie sandwich" known as?

Oreo cookies are basically two round wafer-like cookies holding some cream filling in the middle. That's why it's termed as a "sandwich" in a way.


This round thing with some sweet "dots" all over is called what?

Chocolate chip cookies are easy to bake. That's why some kids prefer their home-baked versions over store-bought.


Hole or no hole, what is this called?

Some doughnuts have holes. Some have fillings inside, therefore they're not holed, but whole. Get it?


This staple fast food item is called what?

A cheeseburger can be prepared in many ways. Some places now grill the patties instead of frying them.


This universally cold junk food warms snackers. What is it?

Ice cream is something both young and old alike love and cherish. Everyone has their fave flavor!


What is this small pastry called?

A cupcake is generally a small version of a cake. But making them now has evolved into its own art form.


What is this Tex-Mex fave?

A burrito has many possible ingredients such as beans, meat, salsa, sour cream, rice, guacamole, cheese, and many more. While they're yummy, they're high in calorie content.


This won't make you cry. What is it?

Onion rings are usually made out of onions sliced into rings, then dipped in some batter. Then they're ready for deep frying.


What do you call this square stuff?

Saltine crackers are also known as soda crackers. They're a good small snack option, but eat something healthier after.


What do you call these stick candy things?

Lollipops come in all shapes and sizes. But they should all have sticks.


This American fast food staple is ironically called what?

French fries are potatoes, basically. Some like to dip them in ketchup or mayo.


This seafood snack is called what?

Popcorn shrimp is what you call deep-fried small shrimp. They usually get dipped in some batter first, hence the popcorn look.


This usually long and dark-colored treat is generally called what?

Chocolate bars are available just about everywhere. They come in different lengths, too.


These tasty treats are called what?

There are many variations of cheese puffs all over the world. But one universal truth reigns: They're all addictive!


What's this inspiring Mexican munchie?

Tacos are made of round tortilla that's folded in half, then filled with ingredients. They can be soft or crispy, and there are even dessert tacos!


What is this campfire treat called?

S'mores are kinda weird but hey, still tasty. They're made up of roasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.


What's this flaky pastry called?

Croissants are yummy as plain, or with fillings. They're good to make a sandwich with.


This aromatic pastry is called what?

Cinnamon rolls are very aromatic due to the nature of cinnamon spices. Some bakeries put nuts in their rolls.


What is this shapely pastry called?

Pretzels came from Europe. They do look like twisted knots from the beginning.


What do you call this sandwich?

Sloppy joe is a sandwich using hamburger buns, but the meat is ground pork or beef. So since it's not patty style, it is indeed a bit sloppy to prep and eat.


This colorful cold treat is known as what?

Snow cones are generally some shaved ice fashioned into a cup or cone, then colorful sugar syrup flavors it when poured over. It's a fun thing to consume!


This is a breakfast fave. What's it called?

Hash browns are just potatoes shredded or sliced up really thinly and small, then gathered and fried. But since it's oily, it's considered as junk food by some sectors.


These coarse crunchies are yummy. What do you call this junk food?

Tortilla chips are yummy to eat. But they're better dipped in flavorful sauces or dressings.


Dance if you like this drink! What is it?

Milkshakes are now making a comeback in many artisanal small restaurants or eateries. And they're going crazy with how they design their milkshake concoctions!


What are these thingies?

Peanut butter cups are literally small cup-like chocolates that are filled with peanut butter. But it's the kind that's not as spreadable as the spread types.


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