Can You Identify These Junk Foods In Black and White?

By Olivia C on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

If you love junk food items, we challenge you to take this image test -- now! Believe us, it's more colorful than you think!

Who doesn't love their snacks, right? Most times, these snacks are classified as junk food. But that's not all bad! There's junk food that's also filling, but of course there's junk food that's just really low in any kind of value, nutrition-wise. 

So if there's junk food that's healthy, why call it that? Well, that's because it's usually not part of a very good and balanced diet. Plus, it's also prepared fast, therefore many preservatives and fats are put into its preparation. 

An example of this is fast food entrees. Regardless of the kind of cuisine the fast food serves, chances are its preparation still included using ingredients that may not be healthy when consumed for a long time. Plus the food is almost always deep-fried or or pan-fried, never grilled or roasted. For those that offer grilled and roasted stuff, check out their sides. Sometimes, the culprit is there.

But whatever! We still eat it, right? Perhaps the key is moderation. We should indulge once in a while, but we should also balance it out with better food.

Having said that, you think you can now try to identify these yummy black and white treats? Then let's chomp on it!

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