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As long as television has existed, there have been TV moms. Some are tough but fair, some are a kid's best friend and some are just a little off center. See how many of these TV moms you can name.

Like the rest of her family, this mom is creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky.

The Addams Family broke new ground in several ways. Carolyn Jones was truly altogether creepy as Morticia Addams. She might have been pretty witchy, but she took good care of her kids.


This lovely lady was bringing up three very lovely girls when she met Mr. Right and doubled the size of her family.

The Brady Bunch was perhaps the first example of a blended family to appear on TV. Carol was doing OK raising Marcia, Jan, and Cindy, but her life got busier and happier when she met and married Mike Brady and took on his three boys.


This blonde mom has her hands full with not only her children, but also an often-hapless husband and an extended family that just keeps growing.

Modern Family's Claire Dunphy was a bit of a wild child in her youth, and she wants her three children to follow a straighter path. She's uptight, sure, but who wouldn't be with all those characters coming in and out of her house?


She cooks, she cleans, she drives a colorful school bus and she sings with her five children when she's not bailing them out of their latest scrape.

Shirley Jones played widowed mom Shirley Partridge in the 1970s show The Partridge Family. In addition to being a loving mom, she was the leader of the family band.


This mom's husband died in the first episode of the series, leaving her to grieve his loss and help her five children through it as well.

Nora Walker's world turned upside down when her husband died in the first episode of Brothers & Sisters. That turned out to be only the beginning, as she and her family discovered that William had quite a lot of secrets, including more children . . . maybe.


This Midwestern mom was busy raising two children in the '50s and '60s when she also became a surrogate mother to the coolest guy in town.

Happy Days was even happier when Marion Cunningham was around. She took good care of Howard, Ritchie and Joanie, and eventually became a mother figure to Fonzie as well.


This blonde mom was married to a pediatrician and raising two teenagers in the late '50s and early '60s.

Donna Reed starred in the show that bore her name, playing housewife and mother Donna Stone. Donna was smart and savvy while still maintaining many of the traits expected in a family show of that period.


This Illinois mom definitely did not do the housework in a dress with pearls and high heels. She was working class all the way.

Rosanne Barr created a female television character like none that had been seen before. Rosanne Conner was overweight, crass and controlling, and rather than staying at home with the kids, she helped pay the bills as a factory worker, waitress and a variety of other blue collar jobs.


This mom is as stubborn as they come, but can you blame her? She's got a houseful of unruly boys, including one genius in the middle.

Malcolm in the Middle gave us Lois Wilkerson, a mom just trying to get through the day without her boys destroying the house or each other. She has trouble getting along with, well, just about everyone, but she does love her big brood of boys.


This divorced mom moves her family to Indianapolis, where she juggles a career, two teenage daughters and a quirky handyman.

One Day at a Time's Ann Romano decided to take more control over her life by moving from a small town to Indianapolis with daughters Julie and Barbara. As the series progressed and the girls grew up, Ann took in an orphaned boy named Alex and welcomed her first grandchild.


How did she do all that vacuuming dressed like she was headed to church? At least her husband took care of most of the discipline, which mostly consisted of grounding.

Leave it to Beaver's June Cleaver is one of the most beloved TV moms of all time. We bet you can still hear her saying, "Ward, I think you need to speak to the boys."


There are definitely financial perks when you're married to the mob.

Carmela Soprano is in a bit of a tough spot. Part of her wants her family to be legitimate, but hey, jewelry and furs are nice too, if you can forget where they came from.


All she wants is to get into show business like her husband, but she usually ends up in a jam and has some 'splainin' to do.

Lucy Ricardo was the beloved title character of I Love Lucy even before she became mom to Little Ricky. Motherhood didn't stop her from getting into frequent but well-meaning trouble with her sidekick, Ethel.


This mom struggles to sell cars for a living while dealing with her brood of three children who are very different from each other, to say the least.

Patricia Heaton won hearts as Debra Barone, and now she is again struggling with three children as Frankie Heck on The Middle. Frankie isn't much of a cook, but she's always there when her kids need her.


This widowed mother of a young daughter met and married a Manhattan nightclub entertainer, thus becoming a stepmother to his two children.

During the early years of The Danny Thomas Show, the actress who played the mother left the series, making way for Danny Williams to find a new wife. Enter Kathy, a nurse with a young daughter who became a little sister to Terry and Rusty.


She was a housewife in the town of Springfield, where she offered gentle guidance to her three children while never losing sight of who really knew best.

Margaret Anderson, portrayed by Jane Wyatt, was the wife and mother in the classic Father Knows Best. She kept house and cared for the couple's three children, typically known as Princess, Bud and Kitten, although they had real names.


This mom is gentle and kind with an unmistakable laugh. She's also a nurse who's just trying to raise kids in the '70s.

That '70s Show's Kitty Forman is a nurturing mom who just wants everyone to get along. She is challenged not just by her kids and their friends, but by her more bombastic husband, Red. No wonder she needs to sneak a smoke now and then.


She's from Sicily and proud of it. Her children have children and grandchildren, but she is still quick with a piece of advice for her daughter and their two roommates.

Sophia Petrillo of The Golden Girls has led quite a life, if you believe all her stories. She's happy to be out of Shady Pines nursing home and living with her daughter, Dorothy, but don't cross her or she'll put a Sicilian curse on you before you can say, "Cosa Nostra."


Prim, proper, and always in control, this matriarch only wants the best for her daughter. The trouble is, the two women couldn't be more different.

A denizen of the DAR and patron to dozens of charities, Emily Gilmore has clashed with her daughter, Lorelai, over just about everything. She thinks she knows best and has little patience for anyone who disagrees with her, but Gilmore Girls wouldn't be the same without her.


This mom is a successful career woman and loving mother to the five children she shares with her husband, who runs a pediatrics practice from their Brooklyn home.

The Cosby Show's Claire Huxtable is set out to prove that women can have both a high-powered career and a happy, healthy home life. She's more serious than her husband, Cliff, but she knows how to lighten up, too.


Moving across the street from her in-laws seemed like a good idea at the time.

Poor Debra Barone. Not only does she have a daughter and twin boys to look after, she gets no help from her husband, Ray, and her mother-in-law is a constant, ever-critical presence. Everybody does love Raymond, and Debra, too.


This mom pays little attention to her two teenage children, but she has plenty of time for television and nagging her husband.

Married . . . with Children gave us Peg Bundy, lazy wife to Al and inattentive mother to Kelly and Bud. Her hair is almost as big as her appetite for shopping and berating her husband.


Before she went back to work in advertising, this mom of four, including hyperactive twin boys, was feeling desperate indeed.

Lynette Scavo of the series Desperate Housewives loves her kids very much, but sometimes they can be a bit much for her to handle. Things get more complicated when it is discovered that her husband, Tom, has an illegitimate child with another woman, but Lynette is never too fazed to manipulate Tom and her kids to set things up the way she prefers.


One word: dingbat.

All in the Family made Edith Bunker one of the most beloved, if long-suffering- moms on television. With her sunny disposition and nasal voice, she was a perfect foil for the bombastic, bigoted Archie.


This mom of Italian descent is a meticulous housekeeper, amazing cook and constant thorn in the side of her husband, two grown sons and beleaguered daughter-in-law.

All she wants is what's best for everyone she loves, but the problem is that they don't always see eye to eye on what that is. Marie Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond is the ultimate involved mother, once interrupting her son's wedding to share some thoughts.


This Ohio mom was as liberal as they come, balancing a busy career as an architect with managing her family, including a teenage son who's a conservative Republican.

Alex P. Keaton was a constant source of frustration to his mother, Elyse, on the series Family Ties. Elyse and her husband, Steven, were former hippies with very liberal, feminist views, while Alex was a would-be millionaire and materialistic Mallory couldn't understand her parents' lack of interest in worldly goods.


This sexy mom grew up in Colombia and now lives in Los Angeles with her much-older husband and two sons.

Modern Family's Gloria Pritchett has been in the United States for a few years, but still has some problems with English pronunciation, once referring to Omaha Steaks as Obama Steaks. She is very much involved with the lives and well being of her son, Manny, from her first marriage, and her youngest son, Joe, with her current husband, Jay.


This family matriarch is instantly recognizable because of her bright yellow skin and rather tall hairstyle.

Where would the Simpsons be without Marge? It can't be easy trying to keep Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in line while carrying all that hair around.


This mom is a redheaded spitfire from Texas who finds herself living next door to her ex-husband and his new wife.

The only thing worse than living next door to your ex would be when he impregnates and marries the woman he left you for, and she wants to be your best friend. That's Reba Hart's situation in the series Reba, which also includes her pregnant teenage daughter and her new husband, a sarcastic middle child, and a young son who is the long-suffering little brother.


Her voice is more of a screech and she doesn't mind using it on her crotchety husband and only son, who just wants his parents to move to Florida.

Seinfeld's George Costanza has a love-hate relationship with his mother, Estelle. She's the ultimate overbearing mother who can't understand why George does the things he does, but he blames most of his neuroses on her.


We never saw her and didn't learn her first name for several years, but we certainly heard her loud and clear.

Mrs. Wolowitz of The Big Bang Theory was the morbidly obese woman who epitomized the stereotypical Jewish mother. She was an open book, sharing every detail of her life including her bathroom habits, but she showered her motherly love on not only Howard, but all his friends also.


She became a mother at 16 and promptly left her parents' luxurious home to make her own way in a small Connecticut town filled with strange and wonderful characters.

Lorelai Gilmore was being suffocated by her demanding mother, so at 16, she took her newborn daughter and moved to quaint Stars Hollow. She raised Rory in a completely different way and thus mother and daughter became best friends and the Gilmore Girls.


This Texas mom is known as Mrs. Coach.

Tami Taylor of Friday Night Lights technically has only one child, daughter Julie. However, as the high school guidance counselor and wife of the head football coach, she ends up dispensing motherly advice and love to a host of other kids.


This mom lives on a Minnesota prairie with her husband and four daughters.

Based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's best-selling books, Little House on the Prairie gave us the loving presence of Caroline "Ma" Ingalls. Life on the frontier wasn't easy, but she made sure it was filled with love.


This mom married a man with money in order to save her family's ranch, but she became a steadying force in a family filled with drama.

Eleanor Ewing is better known to Dallas fans as Miss Ellie. She and Jock raise three boys, but even when they are adults, there is never a moment to catch one's breath before the next crisis arises.


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