Can you identify these classic console games?

By Valerie on February 14, 2018

About This Quiz

Think you know your console games?  There's no cheat code for this quiz!

In the 1970s, the personal computer started to invade people's homes.  With this new technology, it opened doors for engineers to design a more compact (and affordable) way to enjoy new video games.  It also opened the doors for writers and developers, who were in charge of the storylines (if they had one) and appearance of the games.  The joystick and paddle were the first to arrive on the scene as controllers, followed by a flat, more rectangular controller, laser gun, and for those who are more active, the Power Pad.

In the realm of games, while many of the concepts were simple, the graphics eventually evolved into something more understandable.  If basketball was your game, then you'd check out Atari's straightforward title, "Basketball."  In the 1980s, the more comparable title was "Double Dribble."  Today, one of the top basketball titles is "NBA 2K18."  If hanging out in the wild west was your thing, then Atari's "Outlaw" was a perfect choice for you.  Today, "Red Dead Redemption" is one of the most celebrated titles, with its storytelling and open environment format.  If you wanted to battle dragons and get treasures, then Atari's "Adventure" was your bag.  As a comparable title, the Final Fantasy series invaded our consoles in the 1980s, with titles still being released today.  

If you've been able to relate to these titles, check out this quiz, where we've rounded up classic titles for you to prove your gamer status.  Good luck!

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