Can You Identify These Chemical Elements from Their Symbols?

By Khadija L. on June 25, 2018

About This Quiz

A chemical element is a group of atoms which have a certain number of protons in their atomic nuclei, making up its atomic number. These elements constitute all of the matter found in the universe and they have been said to be incapable of being chemically altered or broken down into smaller substances. 

118 elements have been identified , 98 of which are naturally occurring on earth and the other 20 which have been synthesized artificially. Most of the elements are used to create metals and other structural elements. Some of them are even used by the human body for biological processes such as respiration, bone formation and to maintain homeostasis. There are also those which are used to create weapons and spacecraft, as well as some which are poisonous if inhaled or ingested. 

We all had to memorize at least the first 20 elements in the periodic table for chemistry class, but for those of us who left high school a while back and for those who didn't have a science major in college, it will be difficult to remember the symbols associated with the different elements. If you were given these symbols, would you be able to guess what element it represents? Let's find out!

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