Can You Identify the Movie From the Car Chase Scene?

By Bambi Turner on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you know what type of car Steve McQueen drove in "Bullitt," or which cars featured in "The Fast and the Furious" or "Gone in 60 Seconds?" Remember which classic films featured Mini Coopers careening through tight European streets? Know what type of car "Christine" was, or the car from the Disney film "The Love Bug?" If you think you know your movie rides, take our quiz to see if you can recognize these flicks by a single screenshot of their most epic car chases!

What good is an action film without a good car chase scene? There's just something about the screech of tires and the crunch of metal that keeps viewers glued to the screen. Of course, it's more than just hot cars and top-notch driving skills -- it's also that sense of freedom when the drivers wave goodbye to 55 and leave the rules of the road in their dust. 

It's the heart-pumping excitement of wondering whether the cops will catch the criminals, or whether the misunderstood hero will make his escape, and of course, whether they'll be a spectacular crash to take in. It's racing a freight train to a railroad crossing, watching flashy sports cars top out the odometer, insane bridge jumps, backward driving and the twistiest, most winding roads on the planet.

Do you think you can name the greatest car chase movies from just a single image? Take this quiz to find out!

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