Can You Identify the Men Behind the Most Legendary Mustaches in Film?

By Bambi Turner on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Can you tell the difference between the iconic mustaches sported by actors like Clark Gable, Richard Pryor, Burt Reynolds or Billy Dee Williams? Could you identify the stars behind classic 'staches like the ones worn by Charlie Chaplin or Groucho Marx? Could you pick out an image of Tom Selleck's perfect chevron-style mustache from a lineup? If you consider yourself a mustache aficionado, take our quiz to see how many of these celeb 'staches you can recognize!

Facial hair can make a really big difference in an actor's appearance. Not only can it help them become a character and get into the role, but the mustache can help viewers distinguish a particular character from the actor's other roles. For instance, would a clean-shaven Rhett Butler, Ron Burgundy or Gomez Addams look the same? Probably not so much. 

And while all facial hair might seem pretty much the same, you might be surprised to learn how much the style of a particular mustache can reveal about the qualities of a character, from the rugged manliness of chevron-style 'staches to the upper-crust air of the parted English mustache to the time-honored traditional of the classic handlebar.

Think you can identify an actor using only an image of his mustache? Take out quiz to find out!

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