Can You Identify the Fast Food Restaurant From Its Slogan?

By Jouviane Alexandre on February 15, 2018

About This Quiz

BA DA BA BA BA. I'm lovin' it! Fast food won't be the only thing you love after this quiz! With all the fast food restaurants around the world, how many of them could you name from the slogan?

Before we jump into this tasty quiz, you might want to know that the first fast food restaurant was a White Castle in 1921. The 1940s brought the addition of the fan favorite, McDonald's and in 1952, Colonel Sanders introduced Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). While we all gravitate to these chains because of their food, their catchy slogans help with the job too!

When deciding between a burger and a sub, you might be wondering if you want to "have it your way" or if you'd like to "eat fresh." Rather than going for a Big Mac or Whopper, you might want to "think outside the bun" with a burrito. 

With huge chains like McDonald's and Burger King to even smaller ones like Red Robin and Arby's, you can be sure there's a slogan that goes with all of your favorite fast food chains. From the thousands of chains to choose from, we're only asking you to remember 35 of them! Piece of cake, right? 

Can you "think outside the bun" long enough to "have it your way" with this quiz? Let's find out!

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