Can You Identify the Animal by Its Tail?

By Olivia C on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

What does an animal's tail do? you might ask. 

Since these different cute, cuddly, scary, slimy or scaly creatures could have this extra body part in a small or big way, it's intriguing how they actually use such "appendages" which, obviously, works for different kinds of creatures in certain ways. 

As a creature that has some historical biological parallelism with the animal kingdom in this aspect, we could learn a thing or two about how animals function with their tails. You think that end part of your spine is just an extra bone? That's actually called a tailbone. Could you imagine if we indeed evolved that way as well? That would be such a hoot! Makes you wonder what we humans would do with a tail these days.

Now, imagine how it works for the creatures all around the world. Whether these creatures live underwater, exist on land, or manage their lives in between such surfaces, their tails could spell their survival or their death. Yep, it's that serious!

Could recognize the creatures in this quiz just by looking at their tails. Ready? Let's go!

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