Can You Identify the Animal by Its Nose?

By Monica Lee on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Although not the prettiest of appendages, the nose has a very important role to play in the animal kingdom. Each nose you see in this quiz has evolved in response to the environment. Whether the surroundings are cold, hot, arid, or moist, the nose knows how to survive on land and sea. 

Take a good look at the noses in each picture. Some with scales or spots might be easy to recognize. But you can also get a hint as to the environment of the animal by the shape of its nose. For instance, one of the many functions of the nose and nasal cavity is to act as an “air conditioner.” A longer nose allows the air an animal breathes to be made warm and humid enough to avoid damaging the delicate lining of the lungs. The nose can also be used as a tool to burrow into narrow places or to bring food to an animal's mouth. And it is especially useful for sensing prey and detecting danger. 

Now don't get your nose out of joint if you find this quiz challenging. While you're playing, you'll also learn a bit about the different types of schnozes out there. Take the quiz now ... just don't blow it!

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