Can You Identify Each of These Disney Princesses from a Close-Up of Her Dress?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Walt Disney Pictures

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In the world of Disney, there are quite a few things that make us happy and they include the songs, the heroes and the stories to boot. But nothing gets us more excited than the princesses- the young women are the ones who make the movies worthwhile. They make us laugh, sing, dance and even cry, all while looking good in the dresses that Disney designed for them. 

If you've been watching the movies for as long as we have, then you'll know a close-up of Pocahontas' dress if we show it to you. You'll know the dress Anastasia wore to her coronation and the dress Tiana got married to Naveen in. You'll be able to spot Mulan's hanfu from a mile away, as well as the dress Cinderella wore when she was a maid. 

These iconic outfits and more are all in this quiz, and it's your job to correctly match the dress with the gorgeous (fictional) specimen who wore it. Do you think you're enough of a Disney fan to get more than half, in fact, all of these questions, correct? Let's test your knowledge of the Disney princesses' wardrobe right here and right now! Are you ready to get started? 

This silvery blue dress was gifted to Cinderella by her fairy godmother so she could attend the Prince's ball.

In her mermaid form, Ariel is seen sporting a green fishtail along with a purple, strapless seashell bra.

Jasmine is seen wearing this outfit when she is captured as a slave by Jafar, who had stolen the Genie for his own.

After running away, Elsa is seen accepting her powers and transforming her coronation dress into her iconic ice dress.

Tiana is seen wearing this dress when she, along with Naveen, turn back to humans shortly after getting married.

Moana's two-piece outfit consists of a crop top made from red Tapa and a red sash wrapped around her skirt.

This dress, which is based on Greek designs, features two golden straps and two purple sashes; one underneath her bust, and another loosely tied around her hips.

Anastasia's gown, which was worn at the opera, is a strapless blue velvet dress with a light blue translucent piece which trails down the back of the dress.

Cinderella's everyday outfit consists of a dark brown bodice with light aquamarine sleeves and a brown skirt with an apron tied around her waist.

Jasmine's disguise, which she wore to blend in with the commoners, consists of a brown cloak with a matching shawl.

Pocahontas' dress was made from animal skin and was worn with a blue necklace which belonged to her mother.

As seen in the movie, Ariel wears a pink nightgown to bed when she stays at the Prince's castle.

Belle's everyday outfit is a knee-length,, blue, sleeveless dress worn over a white, long-sleeved shirt and with a white apron tied around her waist.

Aurora is seen wearing this blue ball gown when she is cursed by Maleficent and placed in a deep sleep.

Anna's mourning outfit, which she wears at her parents funeral, consists of a black dress with a black cloak decorated with gold designs.

Tiana's vine wrap dress is a green sparkling strapless dress which resembles a lily pad which is worn with a matching tiara.

Alice is seen wearing this outfit when she is out exploring the White Rabbit's house.

After returning home from the war, Mulan is seen wearing a teal dress with a long olive vest and a crimson collar and belt, and a light pink sash.

During her date with Prince Eric, Ariel's outfit consisted of a shirt with long, light blue sleeves, a dark blue bodice and a royal blue skirt which matched her hair bow.

Rapunzel's wedding dress, which resembles her purple everyday dress, is white with lace on the sleeve and neckline.

This strapless dress, which comes in a light shade of blue, with matching sleeves and a tiara, was worn by Tiana when she met Prince Naveen in his frog form.

This gown comes in two shades of yellow with a light shade of pink in the middle, off-the-shoulder sleeves each with a slit, a light blue sash and a translucent yellow cape.

Ariel's ball gown came in a light shade of pink and white and was worn when the prince invited her to the castle for dinner.

Belle wears this pink/rose dress with a white petticoat and matching hair ribbon in the castle when she is seen reading to the Beast.

This dress, which worn at Elsa's coronation, consists of a black sweetheart bodice with dark green off-the-shoulder straps and an olive pleated skirt.

Mulan's training uniform consists of a light brown shirt with dark green accents, brown pants and white knee-length boots.

Alice's outfit consists of a sky blue dress with an apron laid over it paired with white socks, black shoes and black ribbons.

This outfit consists of a light brown shirt worn underneath a black bodice with a brown calf-length petticoat.

In order to attend the ball, Cinderella made herself a strapless pink and white dress with pink ribbons paired with teal and jade beads around her neck.

When King Triton decides to grant his daughter's wish to live on land, she is transformed into a human wearing a beautiful purple sparkle dress to go meet Prince Eric.

For her coronation, Elsa wore a teal-colored dress with a sweetheart bodice, a black, long-sleeved turtleneck blouse and a magenta cape.

Aurora's pink ball gown is the same as the blue one but was changed to pink due to Flora's disagreement with Merryweather over the color.

Snow White's signature outfit consists of a dark blue bodice with a high white collar and a yellow, ankle-length skirt.

Tiana wore this outfit during the final scene of the movie where she finally opened her restaurant.

Anna wears this outfit when she trudges through the Norwegian wilderness in search of her sister, Elsa.

In the matchmaker scene, Mulan wore a hanfu which came in shades of pink, blue, red and black.

At her wedding with Prince Eric, Ariel wore a white poofy dress paired with a golden crown on her head.

Throughout much of the film, Rapunzel wore a purple, traditional German dress called a dirndl, with an ankle-length skirt.

Belle's iconic dress consists of off-the-shoulder straps, a wide hemmed floor-length skirt, and long, matching opera gloves.

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