Can You Identify All of These Tools From Shop Class?

By Staff on March 23, 2018

About This Quiz

Shop class was always one of your favorite classes in high school. It was a time to relax, hang out with friends, and of course, make a bunch of cool stuff. Whether you were making a TV stand to bring to college, learning how to repair the kitchen sink or just making a birdhouse, shop class was where you first learned how to become a DIY expert!

Which part did you like the most? Playing with power tools, of course! These are the tools you grew to know and love. These are the tools that taught you to be an adult. After that first careless injury, these are the tools that taught you what safety really meant. Still, it's been a couple years (or possibly a little longer) since you first learned how to use a miter saw. Do you even remember what a miter saw is?

This quiz is your chance to take a refresher course on shop class, so you can impress your partner with a brand new customized kitchen table - or perhaps you'll build a bed frame or even rewire the house. Now that those memories of your glory years are starting to come back, it's time to slide on your goggles, don those safety gloves and try to remember, "What the heck was the name of that tool?"

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