Can You Identify All 50 States on a US Map?

By: Tasha Moore
Image: KeithBinns / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Here's your chance to test your U.S. geography aptitude! Take this geography test to see how many of the 50 states you can identify on a map. We give you plenty of clues to make a wise guess. When was the last time you studied a map? A great photographic memory will come in handy for this mental visualization feat!

It's the strangely-shaped states that will help you the most. States like West Virginia, Idaho, Maryland and Florida are super easy to recall because of their unique shapes. But for box-shaped states, like Wyoming, South Dakota and Oregon, knowing specific facts about these states will probably win you more answers. In this quiz, you'll learn how certain states received their peculiar contouring; bodies of water and mountainous terrain greatly assisted cartologists in determining the configurations of many U.S. states. Then again, some state borders lie in the middle of major waterways. It makes you wonder how those boundaries were drawn. Perhaps they used water-resistant ink in those days.

You'll get to ponder these intriguing details in just a few scrolls. How much U.S. territory can your brain master?