Can you guess who this TV teacher is, given just 1 fact?

By: Olivia Cantor
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TV shows have so many characters with outrageous and zany occupations. But there are also many characters who have age-old professions, such as being a teacher. Can you guess who this TV teacher is from just 1 fact, or guess the TV show where a certain teacher came from? Take a wild or educated guess with this quiz!

He's the Spanish teacher who orchestrated the return of the Glee Club in William McKinley High School. Who is he?

Will Schuester is sometimes called Mr. Schue for short. Well, that's how students are to teachers...

This Breaking Bad high school chemistry teacher by day has a sweet night job being a drug lord to augment his income. Who is he?

Walter White is the professor by day. But by night, he goes by his alias of Heisenberg.

He is the math teacher who tutors the sometimes hard-headed Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years, then later dies before the school year ends. Who is he?

Mr. Collins indeed made a mark that one year in Kevin Arnold's life. When he died, he certainly left a gaping hole in their existence...

When not busy as a defense attorney or minding her husband's extramarital affairs, she is a very effective criminal law professor in How to Get Away With Murder. Who is she?

Annalise Keating is one of the most memorable characters from the show How to Get Away With Murder. Viola Davis is exceptional in her portrayal of this professor-lawyer.

Those who grew up with Archie Andrews in comics will be surprised when they see him in Riverdale hooking up with this revamped-as-a-vamp music teacher. Who is she?

Miss Grundy was a grumpy old lady who was also kind sometimes, according to Archie Comics. But in Riverdale, a younger Miss Grundy is seen getting hot and heavy with Archie Andrews.

In New Girl, this main girl finds life as a balancing act, with her teaching duties and love life concerns and everything in between. Who is she?

Jessica Day is played by Zooey Deschanel in comedic proportions. This is where she got noticed most in her career.

She is the kindergarten teacher who is also Marshall's better and funnier half in How I Met Your Mother. Who is she?

Lily Aldrin has a quirky relationship with Marshall. But as a kindergarten teacher, she sure knows quirks!

In Veronica Mars, this woman was the title character's no-nonsense journalism teacher who taught her a thing or two about investigation techniques. Who is she?

Sydney Tamiia Poitier played Ms. Mallory Dent in Veronica Mars. The titular character was portrayed by Kristen Bell.

Saved By The Bell had this teacher-principal who appeared boring to Zack and the gang sometimes, but is really caring most times. Who is he?

Mr. Richard Belding was played by Dennis Haskins. Yes, he has a full set of hair.

Dawson's Creek had an English teacher who also took a liking to Pacey, who had such a huge more-than-crush affection for her. Who is she?

Leann Hunley played the cougar teacher Tamara Jacobs. So this teacher-student thing is really not new on television...

One of the Friends characters is a paleontologist and a college professor who dated a student once, but he remains loyal to his longtime love, Rachel. Who is he?

Sometimes it's hard to imagine Ross Geller as a college professor. This is true since he gets unhinged easily at times!

The high school drama Pretty Little Liars had the pretty high schooler Aria lying to people to keep this affair of hers secret -- an affair with their Rosewood High School English teacher. Who is this teacher?

Ezra Fitz and Aria had a ship name: Ezria. Imagine that!

In One Tree Hill, this college instructor is actually a former CEO who built his own company, and a New Zealander to boot. Who is he?

Actor Kieren Hutchinson portrayed Andy Hargrove. He's really a New Zealand native.

In Vampire Diaries, this snobbish and often arrogant history teacher was also the Mystic Falls High School football coach, later killed by the vampire Damon. Who is he?

William Tanner was played by Benjamin James Ayres. He's actually Canadian.

In the Game of Thrones, a young Arya Stark learned all that she could from her trusted fencing mentor. Who is he?

Syrio Forel is a skilled swordsman. It doesn't matter that his weapon is made of wood.

This Gossip Girl teacher had a somewhat catfight of sorts with one of the students, Blair Waldorf, which started with a B grade. Who is she?

Laura Breckenridge was the one who portrayed Rachel Carr. She also appeared in the series called Related.

This sometimes musical but often meanie William McKinley High School Cheerios coach ain't shy to show her true evil colors most times in Glee. Who is she?

Sue Sylvester is played by Jane Lynch. The openly out lesbian actress won many awards for this particular role.

In the '80s series Fame, this New York City High School for the Performing Arts dance teacher inspired students to work harder and sweat it out before becoming famous. Who is she?

Lydia Grant was played by the great Debbie Allen. She is an accomplished choreographer and dancer, too.

One of the Golden Girls was actually a substitute teacher by profession, the very tall one with the loudmouth tactless Italian mother as a housemate, and the most level-headed of all them senior girls. Who is she?

Dorothy Zbornak was played perfectly by Bea Arthur. The girls had such great chemistry onscreen with her.

Springfield Elementary School's fourth-grade teacher wasn't shy to show her true feelings to her students, even slapping the hardheaded Bart Simpson once or twice, and unravels in front of the kids in an adult way. Who is she?

Mrs. Krabappel's first name is Edna. Marcia Wallace provided her voice.

In Strangers With Candy, this heterosexually married history teacher of Flatpoint High School is having a clandestine homosexual affair with art teacher Geoffrey Jellineck. Who is he?

Chuck Noblet was played by Stephen Colbert. The late night talk show host can act, too!

In Big Bang Theory, Caltech has its hands full with a bunch of geniuses who also teach and do research work there, like this quirky roommate of Leonard Hofstadter who has genius level IQ but zero social skills. Who is he?

Some people are theorizing that Sheldon Cooper may have some higher form of autism, based on how he moves. But to his friends, he's the most lovable genius they sometimes like to hate!

This King of the Hill matriarch was a substitute Spanish teacher who's actually not very fluent in that language. Who is she?

It's strange to have Peggy Hill teach a language she's not good at. This always elicits the laughs in the show.

In telling his kids the tale of how he met their mother, this architect also told about the time he taught a college course but entered the wrong classroom and taught the wrong students. Who is he?

Ted Mosby also tried to be a professor one time. But he screwed up royally during his first day in class!

This very cynical South Park teacher uses a puppet called Mr. Hat to "aid" him in teaching the bunch of rambunctious kids. Who is he?

Mr. Garrison teaches with Mr. Hat all the time. It's like an escape of sorts for him.

This Degrassi Community School student, who struggled with his gayness as a student, became an openly out gay man and came back as a student teacher in his alma mater. Who is he?

Marco Del Rossi is one of the students who came back to teach later on. That happens sometimes in these school-focused TV series.

In Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this high school computer teacher was Willow's mentor who also tried to help Angel restore his soul, but she unfortunately gets killed. Who is she?

Actress Robia LaMorte played Jenny Calendar in Buffy. She's also a dancer in real life.

This gym teacher in The Wonder Years also awkwardly tried to teach Kevin Arnold's class the reproductive system, with stick figure drawings of the female anatomy. Who is this coach?

Coach Ed Cutlip is as awkward as they could get. But why does a gym teacher handle sex ed lessons back in the '70s?

This Boston Public elder faculty of Winslow High School is apparently a bigot who teaches history classes. Who is he?

Harvey Lipschultz is a strangely bigoted man, it seems. He was played by Fyvush Finkel.

In Glee, this female McKinley High football coach later came out as transgender and transitioned to become male. Who is this coach?

Dot Jones played Coach Beiste very well. They showed her process and anguish of transitioning in that show.

She drives The Magic School Bus wearing a cosmos-inspired dress while inspiring her students to do scientific discoveries. Who is she?

Ms. Frizzle is familiar to kids who grew up in the '90s. The Magic School Bus ran during that decade.

Lisa Simpson's substitute teacher made such an impression on her, for he was an intelligent and cool guy, even if students drew a sketch of him with his guitar and labeled him "the singing dork." Who is he?

Mr. Bergstrom was voiced by veteran actor Dustin Hoffman. However, he used a pseudonym and hid his real name from the credits.

This caring yet strict teacher of Angel Grove High School taught the kids who made up the Power Rangers. Who is she?

Royce Herron portrayed Ms. Appleby. She's also a theater actress.

This Smallville high school biology teacher had superpowers to seduce anyone, including Lex Luthor. Who is she?

Desiree Atkins was Clark Kent's hot teacher. Thanks to her, his heat vision power started to emerge ...

The protagonist of Welcome Back, Kotter is a wisecracking but street smart teacher who intends to smarten up his inner city high school remedial class full of misfits. Who is he?

Gabe Kaplan created and portrayed Gabe Kotter in Welcome Back, Kotter. A young John Travolta played one of the misfits.

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