Can You Guess This Dog Breed From a Single Sentence?

By Torrance Grey on February 18, 2018

About This Quiz

Dogs: they're man's (and woman's) best friend. According to archaeological research, they've been living with us, hunting with us, and guarding us for at least 10,000 years. (Or the average length of time it takes to housebreak a puppy, according to those of us who have done it!)

Over those 10,000 years, humans have selectively bred dogs for the traits that we needed, and that they needed to adapt to diverse environments. There are shaggy dogs bred to withstand cold weather, thin-coated dogs bred to be comfortable in the heat, and dogs with water-resistant double coats bred to swim in cold waters. Others were developed to have specific skills: herding, retrieving, guarding flocks, or just being companions. 

This makes the choice of a breed for a pet dog very important. A pet with generations of watchdog genes will bark at any random noise outdoors -- a real drawback if you live in a city that's never quiet!

How much do you understand the traits of different dog breeds? Our quiz will test your knowledge. We'll describe the breed in one sentence, and you pick from four answer choices. Some questions will probably be easy (like the ever-popular Lab), but the rarer breeds are going to be a bit harder. 

Ready? Let's do this!

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