Can You Guess the State From Its License Plate?

By Craig on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

There was a time when license plates were a series of numbers and letters on a white or colored metal plate. Identification was the key. But, now, license plates come in all sorts of colors, designs and often do much more than just identify a state and vehicle. From antique vehicles to plates that identify a vehicle for commercial and personal use, license plates can designate if a person served in a war or received a medal. They can identify a college you attend or if you support the park system. But, more important, license plates define the state where the vehicle is registered. For example, if you saw a license plate with the monument of Mount Rushmore, where do you think it is from? Or, what if you see the motto, "The Last Frontier?" Where the heck is that? 

You may have traveled throughout the country, but have you seen a golden sunset on a purple-shadowed saguaro cactus? It's a good bet the state is in the Southwest, but which state is it? Texas, New Mexico, Arizona? Maybe Utah or Nevada? These license plates will celebrate monuments, trade, jurisdiction, famous citizens and agriculture. But, one thing you won't find is the name of the state which is conveniently blotted out for you for quiz fun. 

Take this quiz to see if you really are the road-tripper you think you are!

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