Can you guess the famous celebrity voice of this animated character?

By: Olivia Cantor
Image: DreamWorks Animation

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Hollywood celebrities are not only recognizable by their faces, but sometimes their voices become characters, too. So can you guess which famous movie celebrity voiced certain animated characters? Then take this quiz and find out!

This original Tomb Raider voiced a seductive shark in Shark Tale and a kick-ass tiger in Kung Fu Panda. Who is she?

Angelina Jolie revealed that she likes voicing animated characters. Her kids definitely love it.

This Ghost in the Shell star went underwater to voice Mindy in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Who is she?

Scarlett Johansson can do great voice acting alright. She even voiced a computer operating system in the film Her!

This Fast and the Furious star drove the voice of The Iron Giant. Who is he?

Vin Diesel apparently enjoys flexing his "voice muscles" as well as his real ones onscreen. But he's more well-known for his Fast and the Furious film franchise.

After playing the kid in I Am Sam, she grew up and voiced Coraline Jones in the Neil Gaiman film Coraline. Who is she?

Dakota Fanning made a good transition from playing kid roles to adult roles. This is somewhat rare in Hollywood.

This chameleon of an actor, when not playing Jack Sparrow, can also play an animated chameleon in Rango. Who is he?

Johnny Depp is indeed a real chameleon in this animated film Rango. But in real life, his acting roles are very chameleon-like in nature, which poses challenges to him.

This comedic Ace Ventura Pet Detective star also voiced the main elephant in Horton Hears a Who! Who is he?

Jim Carrey actually started on TV as a comedian. He was a regular of the show In Living Color.

This Braveheart voiced the explorer John Smith in Pocahontas. Who is he?

Mel Gibson is apparently good in front of the cam and behind it. And not just in the directing department, but voice acting as well.

If he's not Qui-Gon Jinn or Ra's al Ghul, then he's the Good Cop/Bad Cop in The Lego Movie. Who is he?

Liam Neeson turns out to be a good voice actor after all. That deep voice is good for many types of roles.

Stuart Little was voiced by this little actor with such a huge influence as Alex Keating in the '80s sitcom Family Ties. Who is he?

Michael J. Fox brings his charm into the animated characters he voices. Sometimes it's hard to separate his face from the animated character!

This fantastic Devil Wears Prada star was the voice of Mrs. Fox in Fantastic Mr. Fox. Who is she?

Meryl Streep is a great voice actor as well. When you're trained in theater, apparently you're great in many things!

In The Princess and the Frog, Princess Tiana's mother, Eudora, is voiced by America's queen of daytime talk shows. Who is she?

Oprah Winfrey's voice is not only great for hosting but also great for voice acting. She's also a good actress to boot.

If he's not Tyler Durden in the Fight Club, he's also the perfect Metro Man in Megamind. Who is he?

Brad Pitt can do voice acting as well. Perhaps his kids really love their parents' jobs ...

This Striptease actress voiced the lovely Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Who is she?

Demi Moore can do more with that not-so-demure voice. She can also do action films, btw.

The dog Bolt had an owner, Penny, who was voiced by this "Wrecking Ball" singer. Who is she?

Miley Cyrus has a curious speaking voice, but good enough to do voice acting. But her singing is something else, of course.

When this Ferris Bueller's Day Off star grew up, he voiced the adult version of Simba in The Lion King. Who is he?

Matthew Broderick is a good actor with a distinctive voice. He can blend well with the animated character he's voicing.

This comedian star of Jumanji and Good Morning Vietnam voiced many toons, but his Genie stint in Aladdin was most memorable. Who is he?

Robin Williams was a great comedian as well as a dramatic actor. It's sad that he has already passed away...

This Parks and Recreation star voiced the very cheerful Joy character in Inside Out. Who is she?

Amy Poehler does a great job voicing Joy in Inside Out. Her perkiness really appeared through her voice.

After being Forrest Gump, this actor voiced the Woody toy in Toy Story. Who is he?

Tom Hanks' lanky voice gave life to wooden Woody in a lovable way. He voiced all the films.

This former Charlie's Angels member is no damsel in distress as Princess Fiona in Shrek. Who is she?

Cameron Diaz is a bit recognizable even if she voices different characters. Nonetheless, she still delivers well.

When he's not recruiting for Ocean's Eleven or Tomorrowland, he's voicing the mister in Fantastic Mr. Fox. Who is he?

George Clooney's voice is also recognizable even behind an animated character. Good thing he has many acting roles.

This former Fresh Prince of Bel Air got a fishy lead role as Oscar in Shark Tale. Who is he?

Will Smith brings his fresh prince-ness into his animated voice acting. His humor is there, too.

When he's not Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison, he's Dracula in Hotel Transylvania. Who is he?

Adam Sandler brings comedy even in his animated characters. But his style can still be stretched a bit.

When not busy playing Wolverine, this guy cuts it as the voice of the Easter Bunny in Rise of the Guardians. Who is he?

Hugh Jackman is an all-around actor, which is good for his business. He can sing, voice, dance, and act in any medium.

In Finding Nemo, this funny daytime talk show host voiced the unforgettable character of the forgetful Dory fish. Who is she?

Ellen DeGeneres really cracks people up as Dory in Finding Nemo. But it was quite sad to see Dory's story in Finding Dory, though.

When not riding Greased Lightning, this actor-singer also voiced the animated dog named Bolt. Who is he?

John Travolta can do many things aside from act, voice and dance. He can also fly an airplane.

This actress played the deadly O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill and also voiced the Kung Fu Panda character named Viper. Who is she?

Lucy Liu is a versatile actress. She can do voice and also act and dance as well.

This Beverly Hills Cop funnyman was just perfect for the loudmouth roles of Donkey in Shrek and the red dragon Mushu in Mulan. Who is he?

Eddie Murphy is a great voice actor for quirky and witty animated characters. Never mind if they are sidekicks to the main character; he's still great as support.

This Spanish actor who previously played Zorro also voiced the irresistible Puss in Boots. Who is he?

Antonio Banderas can play many roles in Hollywood today. However, his heavy Spanish accent was a problem for him before.

All hail the queen rapper in her very sane portrayal of Ellie the motherly mammoth in Ice Age. Who is she?

Queen Latifah enjoys success as a rapper/singer and as an actress. She also combines both sometimes, in musicals like Chicago.

When he's not busy as part of the Wedding Crashers or The Royal Tenenbaums, this comedian voices automobiles, like Lightning McQueen, in Cars. Who is he?

Owen Wilson was in Marley and Me and The Wedding Crashers. His brand of comedy is slightly different when voicing animated characters, though.

The unforgettable powerful voice of Darth Vader is also the authoritative voice of Mufasa the ruler in The Lion King. Who is he?

James Earl Jones was the powerful Darth Vader voice, even though the actor who played the Dark Lord was different. But he's also a good actor actually.

When not teaching in the School of Rock, he learns martial arts from the masters as Po in Kung Fu Panda. Who is he?

Jack Black can regulate his voice well for the voice acting needs of his character. He is indeed versatile that way.

In between being Wayne in Wayne's World and Austin in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, this Saturday Night Live alumnus also voiced Shrek in all the Shrek films. Who is he?

Mike Myers is one of the good comedians to come out of Saturday Night Live. He practiced good voice acting in that show.

This Ghost Rider star is also the voice of Grug, the manly head of the cave, in The Croods. Who is he?

Nicolas Cage can be very expressive face-wise, and voice-wise as well. He's also a good action hero.

This Die Hard star was also the voice of Spike in the crossover film Rugrats Go Wild. Who is he?

Bruce Willis can also do his fast-talking stint in voice animation works. Plus he can also do squawky voices as well.

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