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Calling all world travelers! If you're an international lover, this is the quiz for you! From all the countries in the world, can you guess the right one from a single sentence?

There are 6,900 different languages and over 7.4 billion people in the world. Both of these add to the amazing facts about the 197 countries around the globe. How many of them do you know? 

When thinking about the geography of the world, many questions could be easy. You might know that the country with the largest population is China with over 1.37 billion people. You might even know that Russia is the largest country, but would you know that the smallest country is Vatican City? 

What is the French-speaking country that makes up the left half of Hispaniola? Which country located in South America is actually owned by France? You would have to travel to which country to see the tallest building in the world? If you answered Haiti, French Guiana, and the United Arab Emirates, you're ready for this quiz!

From popular dances like the Salsa to ancient names like Persia, can you guess the country from a single sentence? Are you an international traveler or are you stuck in your hometown? Spin the globe and let's find out!

In this South American country, you'll find their natives speaking Portuguese as they crowd around Christ the Redeemer.

The largest country in South America, Brazil sets itself apart from the rest of the continent. With over 207 million people, Brazil is the only South American state where Spanish isn't the official language. The natives of Brazil speak Portuguese, and the country is also known for its wonder of the world, the massive statue of Christ the Redeemer.


The largest country of the world, this nation spans both continents of Europe and Asia.

Although it appears at the bottom end of the top 10 most populous countries with slightly over 144 million, Russia is the largest country in the world. Spanning 'Eurasia,' the major cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg can be found in the European portion while the majority of the country lies in Asia.


Widely known for its culture, this East-Asian island country is also recognized for the martial arts forms of karate and judo.

A relatively small but long-spanning island country, Japan can be found in Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean. The country has more than 127 million natives and is recognized for its rich culture.


The last stop on the Nile River's flow north, this country is known for its ancient pyramids.

Egypt is found in the Northeast region of Africa. With more than 95 million natives, the country is well known for the pyramids found in Giza as well as the Great Sphinx.


Formerly named Zaire, this country can be found in Central Africa.

One of the largest countries in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was once simply called Congo before the name was changed to Zaire in 1971 and stayed the same until 1997. The country has over 78 million natives and its official language is French.


Rich in culture and fashion, this 'boot-shaped' country is known for its Colosseum and leaning tower.

Found in Europe, Italy is a country rich in history and tourists. With more than 30 million natives, Italy sees more than that yearly in visitors. They come to see the great cities of Rome, Milan, and Florence, while also checking sites such as the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Trevi Fountain.


Known for cities like Johannesburg, this country's name shows its location within its continent.

South Africa has a population of just over 55 million. Although Johannesburg is its largest city, the country has a whopping three capitals which are Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein.


With the highest population in the world, this country is known for its Great Wall.

The fourth largest country, China has the world's largest population with more than 1.37 billion natives. The country is well-known for its landmark, the Great Wall of China, which is said to span more than 5,500 miles, but it has been recently speculated that it could very well be more than 10,000 miles long.


Often nicknamed the 'land of opportunity,' this country is made up of 50 states.

The United States of America is the third largest country with the third highest population. With more than 323 million people, the country is made up of 48 continental states as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and other territories.


The largest oil producer of its continent, this country is found in West Africa.

With more than 186 million people, Nigeria has one of the world's highest populations. The West African country is well known for producing oil and falls in the top 20 of the largest economies in the world.


The birthplace of many classical composers, this country is well known for its torn town wall and the origination of Oktoberfest.

With around 82 million natives, Germany is known for producing famous ones which include Beethoven and Bach. The country is also known for the Berlin Wall that separated the German capital for 28 years as well as the ever-popular Oktoberfest.


This country is known for producing the world's best-selling liquor for the past decade, soju.

South Korea has more than 51 million natives and can be found in Southeast Asia. The country is well known for producing their hard liquor, which according to CNN, has been the best-selling liquor for the past 11 years.


Found in eastern Africa, this country is known for its many national parks and wildlife reserves.

Kenya can be found in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean. With more than 48 million people, the country is also open to many tourist who often view its many national parks or take a safari trip.


One of the few Arabic speaking countries of its continent, this northern country is the biggest in Africa.

With just over 40 million natives, Algeria is the largest country in Africa. One of its most popular dishes, couscous, is said to have originated from the area.


One of three countries with Swahili as its official language, this country shares its border with Kenya, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Uganda is a land-locked country in Africa, meaning it is completely surrounded by other countries. With more than 41 million people, the country does share a border with Lake Victoria, and the Nile River passes through the country.


In this country, you'll find the Ganges delta, the largest in the world that forms from the Himalaya's rivers.

One of the largest populations in the world, Bangladesh has more than 163 million people. The Asian country is mostly formed as a river delta from sediment deposits from the Himalaya's rivers. The country's official language is Bengali.


Found just south of the Rio Grande, this country is known for its culture, food, and tequila.

Mexico is found in North America and has just over 127 million residents. The country is also well-known for many ancient civilizations, the two more commonly known being Mayan and Aztec.


Found in Eastern Africa, this is the only country where you'll hear Amharic as the official language.

Ethiopia is a landlocked country that can be found in eastern Africa. With more than 102 million residents, it is one of the most populous countries in Africa. There you'll also find the natives speaking their official language, which is Amharic.


Found in Southeast Asia, this country experienced a 20-year war when it separated into North and South.

Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia with just over 92 million people. The country is very well known for the Vietnam War that lasted from 1955 to 1975.


Another transcontinental country, this nation is well known for the Hagia Sophia as well as the 'first' shopping mall, the Grand Bazaar.

One of three Eurasian countries, Turkey also spans the border or Europe and Asia. With more than 79 million people, the country is known for its history. The Hagia Sophia, one popular landmark, is a basilica turned museum while the Grand Bazaar is said to be the world's first shopping mall.


Found in the Middle East, this country is often referred to as Persia.

Often considered the oldest country in the world, Iran can be traced back to BC. With more than 80 million people, the country is often referred to as Persia and its official language is Persian.


Located in southeastern Africa, this country is the home of Mount Kilimanjaro.

One of the only three countries where the official language is Swahili, Tanzania can be found in Southeastern Africa. The country is well known for housing Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.


Overflowing in culture, this European country is the home of Cervantes, Julio Iglesias, and Antonio Banderas.

Spain is a country overflowing with culture. With just over 46 million natives, the country has produced numerous notable figures. With its capital of Madrid, the country is also known for Barcelona, Leon, and Valencia.


Formerly part of Russia until 1991, this country is known for the unfortunate incident at Chernobyl.

Ukraine is an Eastern European country with more than 45 million people. Formerly part of the USSR, Ukraine gained its independence in 1991 after the Cold War. The country went through an unfortunate nuclear accident at Chernobyl which led to many deaths through radiation exposure.


Located in southern South America, this country is known for the tango.

Found in South America, Argentina has slightly more than 43 million residents. Well known for its former first lady, Eva Peron, the country is also widely recognized for the Argentine tango.


For a delicious taste of pierogies, one might travel to this Eastern European country for an authentic one.

Poland is an Eastern European country with more than 35 million people. Historically, Poland played a great role, especially during World War II. The nation is also known for its famous pierogies.


One of the largest and most populous countries, you would travel here to see the Taj Mahal.

The seventh largest country in the world and the second most populous with more than 1.32 billion residents, India is a country rich with history and culture. It is well known for the highly visited landmark, the Taj Mahal, a mausoleum that was created in the 1600s.


Made up of numerous islands, this Southeast Asian country was once a mass producer of coffee.

Indonesia is made up of numerous islands and has the fourth largest population with more than 261 million residents. Coffee, often called java, received its name from the largest Indonesian island. Indonesia was once a mass exporter of the product.


Created in 1947, this country is said to have been created solely for the religion of Islam.

One of the most populous countries in the world, Pakistan has more than 193 million natives. It is said that the country was created by Muhammad Ali Jinnah for Muslims.


This Southeast Asian island country is home of the language, Tagalog.

The Philippines is a southeast Asian island country with just over 103 million natives. The country is rich in culture and its capital is often remembered for the Thrilla in Manila, the 1975 boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.


Found in Southeast Asia, this country was formerly known as Siam.

Found in Southeastern Asia, Thailand used to go by the name of Siam. The country became "Thailand" in 1949. It has more than 68 million inhabitants.


Known for its city of lights, this country is widely regarded for its 'tower.'

With slightly more than 66 million residents, France often gets more than that a year in tourists. Rich in culture and fashion, the country is often regarded for the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Cannes Film Festival.


Found in Europe, this country is made up of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom, often referred to as Great Britain, can be found in Western Europe. With just over 65 million residents, the country is made up of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Although the capital of the U.K., is London, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own capitals, which are Glasgow and Belfast, respectively.


In 1989, this country changed its name from Burma.

Found in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a country with just over 52 million people. The country was formerly called Burma until 1989. Its official language is Burmese.


Found in northwest South America, this country is well known for its coffee.

Colombia can be found in South America and has just over 48 million residents. The country is the first in South America after its border with Central America (Panama).


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