Can You Get 100% on Today's General Trivia Quiz?

By Staff on April 04, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you a Jeopardy junkie? A pub trivia pro? Everybody likes to think they know a little bit about everything, and some people really act like know-it-alls. But few out there in the world are general knowledge geniuses. And the world is definitely something you should be familiar with if you want to claim you have a good grasp of general knowledge. Since it’s the thing every single human being lives in, you know—or do you? For instance, what are those three oceans that border North America, again?

That’s not all there is to it. A real braniac knows biology—like, say, the organs in the human body which are part of the digestive system. There’s some food for thought to chew on, and swallow . . . and all the rest. You get the idea. But can you do the math? That’s a major part of the equation for general knowledge supremacy. Make sure you’re 100% up to the task when it comes to percentages and more.

How do you feel about history, by the way? There sure is a lot of it. The World Wars alone are enough to make a person hot under the collar. Just don’t let the stress get your tongue all tied up, because you’re going to want to be able to speak about the ways people waggle theirs in different countries. In fact, the more you love languages, the better.

If that all sounds like fun, this is the quiz to take to quickly test your general knowledge greatness. So, are you a jack of all trades, or a master of none? Trick question! But let’s find out.

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