Can You Finish The "National Lampoon" Quote?

By Heather Cahill on February 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Even if you couldn't take a vacation yourself, you could always take one with the Griswalds!

The "National Lampoon" series has continuously brought fun and laughter into our homes. Clark and his family are always up to something new and unexpected. But, they also say some pretty unexpected things as well!

"National Lampoon" experts have watched the movies and know them very well, right down to the most memorable and iconic lines. What did Audrey say when she was sad during "European Vacation?" What about what Lasky (played by the legendary John Candy) said when the Griswolds arrived at Wally World in "National Lampoon's Vacation?" How about what Clark said to Eddie when he arrived unexpectedly with his family in "Christmas Vacation?"

Did you know that Chevy Chase was excellent at ad-libs? Many of the "Vacation" movies included lines that were ad-libbed by him. There were also no rehearsals done for the movies!

What's your favorite line from the "National Lampoon" series? Maybe you'll find it in this quiz! 

Whether you're a fan of "Vegas Vacation" or you prefer "European Vacation," you should have no trouble acing this one. So, if you think you know the iconic quotes from the "National Lampoon" series, take the quiz and see what score you get!

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