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The 80s was a golden age for tv shows, and every good show started off with a great theme song. Can you finish the lyrics to these memorable 80s theme songs?

"Love and marriage, love and marriage go together like _________."

Married... with Children ran on Fox from April 5, 1987, to June 9, 1997. The show had 259 episodes spread out over 11 seasons, making it the longest-lasting live-action sitcom in Fox history, as well as the first to be broadcast in a primetime slot.


"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. Wouldn't you like to ______?"

Cheers ran on NBC from September 30, 1982, to May 20, 1993. It had 275 episodes spread out over 11 seasons. Despite its enduring place as one of America's most beloved sitcoms, Cheers was almost canceled after its first season due to low ratings.


"I bet we been together for a million years, And I bet we'll be together for a million more. Oh, it's like I started breathing on the night we _______."

Family Ties was on the air on NBC from September 22, 1982, to May 14, 1989. It had 176 episodes in its 7 seasons. The heads of the Keaton household, Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter-Birney share a birthday: June 21, 1947.


"What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song, _________."

The Wonder Years aired on ABC from January 31, 1988, until May 12, 1993. It aired 116 episodes over 6 seasons. Rolling Stone ranked the show #63 on its list of the 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.


"Thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true, you're __________."

The Golden Girls aired on NBC from September 14, 1985, to May 9, 1992. It had 180 episodes in seven seasons. The show won 11 Emmys (out of its impressive 68 nominations), as well as 4 of 21 Golden Globe noms.


"Some walk by night, Some fly by day, Nothing could change you, Set and _________."

Moonlighting aired on ABC from March 3, 1985, to May 14, 1989. It aired only 66 episodes in its five seasons. Moonlighting was praised for its quickwitted dialogue, use of fantasy sequences, and constant breaking of the fourth wall.


"Just the good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm, beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law since _________."

The Dukes of Hazzard aired on CBS from January 26, 1979, to February 8, 1985. It aired 147 episodes across 7 seasons. It was inspired by the 1975 film Moonrunners.


"_______, _______, the whole day through, just an old sweet song keeps ______on my mind."

Designing Women aired on CBS from September 29, 1986, until May 24, 1993. The show had 163 episodes over its seven seasons, and several episodes dealt with very serious topics, such as spousal abuse, racism, homophobia, and how society treats overweight people. One of the most recognized episodes dealt with prejudices regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic and earned two Emmy nominations.


"Come on in, and pull yourself up a chair (like Chairry!) Let the fun begin, it's time to ________."

Pee-wee's Playhouse aired on CBS from September 13, 1986, until July 27, 1991. It ran only 45 episodes over its 5 season run. The show won 15 Emmys and was praised for its diverse cast.


"There's a time for love and a time for living, you take a chance and face the wind, an open road and a road that's hidden, a brand new life _______."

Who's the Boss? ran on ABC from September 20, 1984, to April 25, 1992. In its 8 seasons, it aired 196 episodes. In this time, it earned over forty award nominations, including ten Primetime Emmy and five Golden Globe nominations (it won one of each).


"Whatever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, _______."

Full House ran on ABC from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995. It aired 192 episodes over 8 seasons. The Tanner family had a golden retriever named Comet, who was played by a dog named Buddy. in 1997, Buddy went on to play Bud in the original Air Bud film.


"Love, exciting and new, come aboard, ________."

The Love Boat ran on ABC from May 5, 1977, until May 24, 1986 (plus a few specials in 1986, 1987, and 1990). It ran 250 regular episodes over its 9 seasons. The show was actually (very loosely) based on a non-fiction book called Love Boats written by former cruise ship director Jeraldine Saunders.


"Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air, I never thought I could feel so free, flyin' away on _________."

The Greatest American Hero aired on ABC from March 18, 1981, to February 3, 1983. The show made a total of 45 episodes over its 3 season run, but only 40 were played on air. There is a major continuity error with the last name of the main character, Ralph. Originally, he was named Ralph Hinkley, but after John Hinckley, Jr. attempted to assassinate Ronald Regan, the Greatest American Hero's named was quickly changed to Ralph Hanley for the remainder of the first season. By season 2, he was Ralph Hinkley again.


"As long as we got each other, We got the world spinnin' right in our hands, Baby, rain or shine, all the time, we got each other, sharin' ________."

Growing Pains aired on ABC from September 24, 1985, to April 25, 1992. 166 episodes were aired over the course of seven seasons. The seventh season of the show featured a then-relatively unknown Leonardo DiCaprio as a homeless teenager who moved in with the Seaver family.


"Everybody, it's time to go, stand on getting ready for the show, and if you're thinking that you may or you might, then _______."

The Tracey Ullman Show aired on Fox from April 5, 1987, to May 26, 1990. It had 81 episodes in its 4 seasons, but more importantly, it introduced the world to the Simpsons.


"New boy in the neighborhood, lives downstairs and it's understood he's there just to take good care of me like he's ________."

Charles in Charge aired on CBS from October 3, 1984, to November 10, 1990. Over the course of its five seasons, 126 episodes were made. Charles and his friend Buddy Lembeck were said to have been attending Copeland College, a fictional school in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


"We never thought we'd find a place where we belong, don't have to stand alone, we'll never let you fall, don't need permission to decide what you _____."

21 Jump Street aired on Fox from April 12, 1987 to April 27, 1991. There were 103 episodes spread out across five seasons. The Jump Street squad had their headquarters in a deconsecrated church and so the original title of the show was Jump Street Chapel. However, the network was worried this might mislead audiences into thinking it was a religious show and the title was changed.


"Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you may not be right for _____?"

Diff'rent Strokes aired on NBC for its first seven seasons and ABC for its eighth and final season. Between November 3, 1978, and March 7, 1986, there were 189 episodes made. Despite being a sitcom, the show used it's "Very Special Episodes" to deal with serious issues such as drugs, racism, and kidnapping.


"Dance your cares away, _______ for another day."

Fraggle Rock ran on HBO in America, ITV in the UK, and CBC in Canada. From January 10, 1983, until March 30, 1987, the Jim Henson Company made 96 episodes. The character name of Uncle Traveling Matt was an inside joke created by the studio; they used a technique called a traveling matte to film his "Silly Creatures" segments.


"Standing tall, __________, rise and fall,__________."

Perfect Strangers ran on ABC from March 25, 1986, to August 6, 1993. The show made 150 episodes over 8 seasons. Series creator Dale McRaven came up with the idea of an immigrant moving to America after witnessing the wave of patriotism that swept America after the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.


"_______ are on the move, _______ are loose, feel the magic, hear the roar, _______ are loose"

ThunderCats aired from January 23, 1985, to September 29, 1989. There were 130 episodes in total. The original ThunderCats cartoon was made in Japan and was later dubbed over with American actors.


"Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg, race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, it's a _____?"

DuckTales aired from September 18, 1987, to November 28, 1990. Over four seasons, it put out 100 episodes and one feature film. The show revolves around the premise that Donald Duck left his uncle Scrooge McDuck with custody of his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie when he left to enlist in the Navy.


"When your world looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren't there, just close your eyes and make believe and you can be _____."

Jim Henson's Muppet Babies ran on CBS from September 15, 1984, to November 2, 1991. There were 107 episodes spread over 8 seasons. The concept of the show was introduced in a dream sequence during The Muppets Take Manhattan where Piggy imagines that she and Kermit had grown up together.


"Every time I turn around, I see the girl who ____________________?"

Punky Brewster ran on NBC from September 16, 1984, to March 9, 1986. There were 88 episodes aired over 4 seasons. Punky's real name was Penelope.


"Goodbye grey sky, hello blue, there's nothing can _____ me when I hold you."

Happy Days ran on ABC from January 15, 1974, to September 24, 1984. Over the show's 11-season run, there were 255 episodes. When Ron Howard left the show to start his directorial career, the writers decided that Richie Cunningham left to join the Army.


"__________, we're going to find our way, __________, taking the time each day?"

Silver Spoons aired on NBC from September 25, 1982, to May 11, 1986. There were 116 episodes made in its five seasons. The Stratton mansion shown in the opening credits is actually private home in Warwickshire, England called Compton Wynyates.


"I'll be ready, no, don't you fear, forever and always, _________."

Baywatch ran on NBC from September 22, 1989, to May 14, 2001. 242 episodes were made during its eleven-season run. It was officially canceled after its first season, but thanks to syndication went on to become one of the most watched tv shows in the world.


"I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life, go ahead with your own life, ___________."

Bosom Buddies ran on ABC from November 27, 1980, to March 27, 1982. During its 2 seasons, 37 episodes were made. The show was pitched to studio execs as Laverne & Shirley meets Some Like It Hot.


"I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to _______."

Inspired by the hit film, the TV show Fame ran from January 7, 1982, to May 18, 1987. There were 136 episodes made. Despite the fame (pun intended) the cast enjoyed, few of them went on to have long careers after the show ended.


"Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high, take a look, it's in a _____."

Reading Rainbow ran on PBS from June 6, 1983, to November 10, 2006. They made 155 episodes throughout the show's impressive 21-year run. The life-changing show earned 26 Emmys and a Peabody.


"Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for ___."

Three's Company ran on ABC from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984. There were 172 episodes made. It was based on a British sitcom called Man About The House.


"Set in my ways losing track of the days, only me to _____ for."

Webster ran on ABC from September 16, 1983, to May 8, 1987. There were 150 episodes made. Alex Karras and Susan Clark, who played Webster's godparents, the Papadopolises, were married in real life and set out to create a tv show where they could play husband and wife.


The A-Team "was sent to prison %0Dby a military court for" what?

The A-Team ran on NBC from January 23, 1983, to March 8, 1987. There were 98 episodes made. The A-Team was said to be ex-Green Berets who followed orders to rob the Bank of Hanoi to help end the Vietnam War.


Knight Rider was "a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who _____."

Knight Rider aired on NBC from September 26, 1982, to April 4, 1986. There were 90 episodes made. This is one of David Hasselhoff's iconic roles, but he actually had double duty as both hero Michael Knight and villain Garthe Knight.


"This is the music that you hear as you watch the credits, we're almost to the part of where I start to whistle, then we'll watch "It's ______________'s Show."

It's Garry Shandling's Show aired on Showtime from September 10, 1986, to May 25, 1990. There were 72 episodes made. The show was iconic for its use of self-awareness; all the characters knew they were in a tv show, the audience was often used in plotlines, and the characters would actively change the plot if they wanted to.


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