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When one, two, or even three words are combined to form another word, we usually call them "blended words." However, a more formal term is "portmanteau." If you think you're a wordsmith, test your knowledge here with our blended word quiz.

What does 'brunch' mean?

As a combined form of breakfast + lunch, brunch means a meal that you eat between breakfast and lunchtime. It usually takes over lunch time, too, especially for very slow eaters.


What is a 'frenemy' ?

A frenemy is someone who acts like your friend but is also an enemy. Whether both parties are self-aware that they are frenemies is beside the point.


What is an 'emoticon'?

An emoticon is an icon made up of keyboard symbols which form an emotional facial expression when combined. An example is. :) for a smiling face.


What is a 'sitcom'?

A sitcom is a comedic TV show whose humor arises from certain situations set up in the storylines. So you have to understand the story's context first, in order to get the jokes.


What is a 'flirtationship'?

A flirtationship is a kind of "relationship" that you have with someone, only you're merely flirting back and forth. Whether the flirtationship develops into something else is not really a major concern.


What does 'netiquette' mean?

Netiquette is someone's behavior while on the internet. It follows similar rules to etiquette in real life.


What is 'hazmat'?

Hazmat means hazardous materials. This is usually in the form of human-made chemical stuff.


What is a 'travelogue'?

Travelogue is a combination of travel + monologue. It is a discussion of a person's travels, and it can be in the form of a book, TV series, a film, or any other means where one can discuss.


What does 'bromance' mean?

When two guys are having a bromance, it means they're very close, kind of like brothers, or super-duper best friends. Contrary to the romance aspect, it's usually platonic, even if it's emotionally intense.


What is a 'carjack'?

A carjacking is when a vehicle, usually a car, is stolen, usually by force, and while the original driver is still there inside. The intention is to take the vehicle away for one reason or the other.


What is a 'shopaholic'?

An alcoholic is someone who's addicted to alcohol or drinking, so a shopaholic would be someone addicted to shopping, regardless of what kind of items they buy.


What does 'cosplay' mean?

Cosplay is the action of people, usually grown-ups, who don costumes to look like their favorite pop culture characters, and attend an event or party dressed in that costume. There are conventions for this activity, and it is serious play for many adults around the world.


What is a 'guesstimate'?

A guesstimate is when someone thinks up a ballpark figure or assessment of a certain amount. Since they can't estimate the exact amount, well, they guess it!


What is 'mansplaining'?

When a man condescendingly talks down to a woman to explain things to her, it's mansplaining. Usually, a mansplainer takes over the conversation and talks above a woman while she's still talking; the objective is to hijack the conversation away from her.


What is a 'turducken'?

A turducken is a combined turkey, duck, and chicken, all mixed up with one another. Whoever thought of this food invention seriously had a lot of time on their hands.


What is a 'blog'?

A blog is a website run personally by an individual, usually for free. Anything could be logged in there.


What is a 'cyborg'?

A cyborg is a combined human and machine; it could also be a basic human with robotic or machine-like parts built into their bodies.


What is a 'mocktail'?

A mocktail is a drink that is meant to be a cocktail, but contains everything except the alcohol; the liquor is often substituted by something else.


What is a 'spork'?

A spork is a two-in-one utensil that has the round shape of a spoon plus the prongs of a fork. Yes, this is a thing.


What is a 'workaholic'?

A workaholic is someone who works so hard that it looks like they're addicted to working! It doesn't matter if it's overtime at the office or bringing work at home; a workaholic could strike anywhere!


What is a 'staycation'?

A staycation is a vacation spent in one's home or hometown. It's the opposite of a vacation where people travel somewhere else.


What is 'malware'?

Malware is a hidden malicious program that creeps into your computer to destroy its system. It's like infecting one's computer with something worse than a virus.


What does 'glamping' mean?

Glamping means camping out in luxury. Glampers are known to have tents that have airconditioning or some prefer to bunk up inside cabins that have amenities regular camping tents do not.


What is 'gaydar'?

Gaydar is someone's perceived ability to detect another person's sexual orientation. While it can be a fun term, it can also be dangerous, especially if a person uses it malicious or falsely.


What is an 'infomercial'?

An infomercial is designed like a regular TV show, usually a talk/variety show, which presents information about a specific product. However, its main objective is to be an extended commercial for that product, because the intention is to sell it and not merely promote it.


What does 'chillax' mean?

Chillax means to chill out, or to calm one's self down, and relax a little, or a lot. To be almost zen-like might be the objective of one who chillaxes.


What is a 'webinar'?

A webinar is a seminar organized to be broadcast over the web or internet. People from all over the world could tune or join in, without physically going to where the seminar is located.


What is a 'sexcapade'?

A sexcapade is someone's adventurous activity involving bedroom activities. Whether it's a two-person activity or a group thing doesn't really matter, as long as it's seen as an intimate adventure.


What does 'telegenic' mean?

Telegenic means that someone is very good-looking when they appear on a TV show or other program. It's a combination of television and photogenic.


What is 'smog'?

Smog is when a city's atmosphere is so polluted that a dark fog-like element hovers over it. While it might look cool because it's foggy, it's not healthy.


What is an 'alcopop'?

An alcopop is a beverage with very low alcohol content and packaged like a soda pop. Wine coolers are an example.


What is a 'fanzine'?

A fanzine is often a free or cheap publication made by fans of a certain pop culture product or phenomenon. They are usually very creative and free-spirited in nature, but its content can also be professional at times.


What is a 'motel'?

A motel is like a hotel, but usually smaller in stature and less upscale. They are built for travelers on the go and were first constructed along highways so motorists could easily come and go.


What is a 'tween'?

A tween is a young person who's a bit old to be considered a child, but also a bit young to be considered a teenager. Usually, the age range is from 10-12 years of age.


What does 'edutainment' mean?

Edutainment is any pop culture product, like TV shows or games, which aims to be educational while being entertaining at the same time. Products like these are usually geared for younger learners.


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