Can You Correctly Spell These Plumbing Tools?

By J.P. Naomi on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Is your toilet running? Well, you better chase after it! Or better yet, call the plumber! No, no, don't try to fix it yourself! Please just call the plumber! You probably don't even know how to spell those tools, let along use them! 

Sound familiar? Maybe an argument you've had with your spouse once or twice? Well, how about if we put you to the test? It's time to see how well you can spell these common plumbing tools! 

You see, every day we use things that were made functional at the hands of a plumber. Sinks to wash our food. Showers to wash our hair. Toilets to, well, you know! But everything from the heat in our home to the sprinklers on our lawn, to the disposal in our sink, we have plumbers to thank. And they wouldn't be able to do any of it without their good ol' trusty tools! So we want to know... Do you have what it takes to spell these tools?

It's time to put your plumber's hat on and see how well you do with this ultimate plumbing tools spelling bee! We wish you good luck, and remember, in the plumbing trade ... a flush beats a full house! 

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