Can You Correctly Answer These Easy, Medium, and Hard Engine Questions?

By Steven Symes on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you have gears in your head? Can you see parts in a junkyard and know exactly where they go in an engine? Are you able to correctly identify a car just by hearing the engine rev as it passes by? You might be unique because most people know very little about engines. 

It might seem crazy but consider for a moment that modern engines have hundreds, if not thousands of components in them. Some are smaller than a dime, while others, like the crankshaft, are massive and heavy. All these parts must be made to exacting specifications and installed with extreme precision, otherwise, the engine might not run, or it might run improperly. It's a miracle our cars operate as well as they do, considering the sheer complexity of engines. 

Keeping all these components, not to mention how they're supposed to operate and interact with each other, straight is difficult, to say the least. This is why mechanics go through intense training and certifications. Just how far does your knowledge of engines extend? Can you answer these easy, medium, and hard questions? Take the quiz now! 

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