Can You Correctly Answer These Easy, Medium, and Hard Classic Car Questions?

By Steven Symes on May 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Should you have a degree in classic automotive history? Could you walk into any car museum and trick everyone into thinking you're a tour guide? Do you go to car shows and hang around the really obscure models, hoping you can show off your knowledge of automotive obscurata to strangers?  You should probably get help, but first take this quiz!

The automotive landscape is littered with quite a few vehicles people consider classics. Admittedly, the term "classic" is subjective, at least to an extent. Most would agree it doesn't apply to cars that have been produced within at least the past two or three decades. But, after that, the opinions about what makes a classic start to diverge. Some people pretty much only think about cars from the 1960s, or American-made models, or luxury vehicles, etc. Usually, these fall in line with the personal preferences of the individual. 

It's probably safe to say popular old cars would be considered classics by even the most casual fan of vehicles. That could include the Volkswagen Beetle, Ford Thunderbird and Jaguar E-Type, for example. But, there are many rare and exotic classics only the biggest car fans would know. Just how far does your classic automotive smarts stretch? It's time to put them to the test with this quiz! 

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