Can You Complete All of the '60s Movie Titles?

By: Isadora Teich
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The Swinging '60s were an epic era for film. Some of the best movies of all time were made during this decade. Test your 1960s film knowledge with this far out HowStuffWorks quiz!

Which film title ends "Planet of the ________"?

Name the film: "The ___________ Seven."

Which film title starts "__________ Dalmatians"?

Complete the title: "___________ at Tiffany's."

Complete the title: " ___________ Graduate."

Name the film: "The Pink _________."

Complete the title: "__________ Rider."

Name the film: "The _______ Dozen."

Which film title begins "_______ and Clyde"?

Which famous film title begins "_________ Poppins"?

Complete the title: "West Side _________."

Which famous film title begins " _________ Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"?

Which film title ends: "A Fistful of _______"?

Which famous film title ends "My Fair ________"?

Which film title starts "________ Zhivago"?

Complete the title: "2001: A ______ Odyssey"

Which film title ends "In the Heat of the ________"?

Name the film: "To _____ a Mockingbird."

Which iconic film title ends: "Night of the Living ________"?

Complete the title: "The Sound of _________."

Name the film: "Cool Hand _______."

Complete the title: "Lawrence of ___________."

Name the film: "The _______ Bunch."

Which film title ends: "Once Upon a Time in the ________"?

Name the film: "The _______ Book."

Complete the title: "The Good, the Bad and the _________."

Which iconic film title ends "Dr. _________"?

Name the film: "A _____ Day's Night."

Complete the title: "What Ever Happened to ________ Jane?"

Which famous film title ends: "Guess Who's Coming to ________"?

Name the film: "The _________ Who Shot Liberty Valance."

Complete the title: "Rosemary's _________."

Which film title ends: "The Great _________"?

Complete the title: "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop _________ and Love the Bomb."

Which film title ends: "Jules and ________"?

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