Can You Answer These Geography Questions that Everyone Gets Wrong?

By Stella Alexander on April 19, 2018

About This Quiz

Around the world in 80 days! Rather than 80 days, today we're traveling the world in 35 questions! The geography of the world is so vast, no wonder so many people can't pass this quiz! With all the geography questions that everyone gets wrong, can you get these right?

If you're gearing up to take this difficult geography quiz, you should probably know the easy facts. The world is made up of seven continents, six of which are permanently habitable. Between Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America, there are 195 countries, 200+ capital cities, five oceans, thousands of rivers, and more than 117 million lakes. Just how much do you know about the geography of the world?

While some geography facts are easy to remember, there's a long list of things that many people are always getting wrong! Knowing that the capital of France is Paris is a piece of cake compared to naming the capital of Turkey. When it comes to the longest river in the world, would you name the Mississippi or the Nile? Do you know on which continent you'd find the capital of Russia?

If you can answer these questions, you're well on your way to beating out everyone who gets these answers wrong! Think you can master this geography quiz? Let's find out!

Hop on board this quiz and let's fly around the world!

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