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The 2011 box-office hit, "X-Men: First Class," is a highly successful prequel which traces these comic book superheroes’ origins, this time in a different era and with a different cast. Want to test your mutant universe knowledge with this quiz? Then try it and see if you can ace it!

The X-Men storyline in this prequel film focuses on which era of the mutants?

"X-Men: First Class" cleverly shows us many things before the inception of the X-Men formation, from the childhood experiences of major key characters, to the discovery of mutants by human beings. This sets up the bigger picture of how the X-Men came about.


The film shows a kid named Erik, a prisoner in a World War II camp, who is slowly discovering he can control metal. Who does Erik grow up to be?

Erik’s metal-bending potential becomes useful when he becomes Magneto later on. The camp scene shows how his powers were first discovered by other people.


Another kid with developing mutant powers is shown, this one being able to read others’ minds as a telepath named Charles Xavier. Who does Charles grow up to be?

Professor X's childhood beginnings is shown with little Charles being very aware of his telepathic abilities. In fact, he seems to be enjoying it immensely, reading other people's minds.


Inside their mansion, Charles Xavier encounters another child mutant named Raven, who changed her shape to mimic his mother’s image. What is Raven’s original appearance?

The shape-changing Raven has blue skin with some scales. Needless to say, the girl’s got body image issues as early as then! We get it, girl...


Erik’s childhood was certainly marred by his stay inside the Nazi concentration camp. But his trauma was amplified when he was made to show his metal-moving ability, or else the Nazi official would kill this relative of his. Who was this relative in the camp with Erik?

It's in wartime Poland where we see Erik and his mother being dragged and separated by Nazi soldiers. But Erik unknowingly makes the metal barbed wire gates move, demonstrating his mutant ability which his mother might have already known. Yeah, moms always know...


Klaus Schmidt, the Nazi officer who experimented on Erik in the camp, later reinvented himself after the war as shrewd businessman, Sebastian Shaw. Which Footloose actor played him?

Kevin Bacon played Sebastian Shaw. His string of movies also show a variety of roles that he could play, both as villains and heroes. Clearly a villain here, this guy.


Charles Xavier eventually grows up and presents this kind of lecture at the University of Oxford, which prompts Raven to call him “a professor.” What was his field of expertise?

Since he has known all along that his telepathic powers are some sort of genetic mutation, Charles made it his lifelong work to discover more about this subject area. Thus, it made him a published expert on the growing field, during the 1960s.


Since Charles invited Raven over to live with them when they were children, they grew up to be like siblings. What’s the one thing that telepath Charles promised shape-changer Raven he won’t do to her?

Raven's only request is for Charles not to read her mind, no matter what. Big brother-like Charles tried hard to keep that promise...


When he grew up, Erik went traveling in this continent first -- where he also based himself -- to search for Sebastian Shaw.

A now dapper Erik is seen hunting for Schmidt in Switzerland. But he finally got leads that the man is somewhere in another continent, so off he hunts...


But in which country was the reinvented Sebastian Shaw currently wreaking havoc -- or planting seeds for that -- during the present time of the film?

Shaw, along with new mutant cohorts, has successfully reinvented himself as a shrewd and savvy businessman. He uses his adult entertainment business as a front for his underhanded dealings.


When government agent Moira MacTaggert discovered the presence of evil mutants conniving with high-ranking American officials, she sought out Charles Xavier’s expertise on genetic mutation to help her. From which agency is MacTaggert?

CIA agent Moira MacTaggert tried to tell her bosses at the Virginia office of the Central Intelligence Agency that there are mutants in the vicinity. But sometimes, that agency is criticized for lack of smarts, especially in leads. Moira gets frustrated, of course.


It was CIA agent Moira MacTaggert who first saw the abilities demonstrated by Sebastian Shaw’s mutant cohorts, like the telepath Emma Frost whose skin also turns into a diamond-encrusted surface. What color is Frost always wearing?

Emma Frost is a good telepath, but her powers are used for evil by Shaw. She always wears white 1960s haute couture outfits which suit her.


Another of Sebastian Shaw’s cohorts is this red-skinned, demon-looking mutant named Azazel. What is his power?

Azazel is indeed a demon-type of mutant with teleportation powers. When he holds you, you're taken with him, as he disappears and reappears in another place. Cool, huh!


Riptide is the other mutant cohort of Sebastian Shaw who could create these kinds of weather disturbances at will, from the palms of his hands no less.

Riptide just needs to open up his palms where mini-cyclones will later form. He can then throw these little things to become huge monsters. How windy!


The CIA, or Agent Moira MacTaggert, solicits the help of Charles Xavier in stopping Sebastian Shaw’s grand plan. What was this plan?

Sebastian Shaw’s American presence coincides with this country’s real historical event during the Kennedy era. It's called the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Shaw plans to jumpstart this event in history by igniting a nuclear war between the US and USSR.


Since the CIA, Charles Xavier and Erik were all after Shaw, the two uncanny mutants soon encounter each other and become this to each other.

Charles and Erik become the best of friends when they first meet up. Erik feels like they're brothers sometimes. Aww, these dudes...


MacTaggert brings the mutants under the care of a specialized CIA division where a young scientist, Hank McCoy, was also working. What is Hank’s mutation, as tactlessly revealed by Charles?

Hank has "prehensile feet" which means that his feet are larger than a regular human foot, since his are designed to grasp like hands do. Monkeys have these kind of feet structure, so Hank can also monkey around and hang with his feet that way...


In order to have more mutant allies in their midst, Charles uses this machine built by Hank to find and connect with other good mutants out there. What is the name of this head-worn machine?

Cerebro is the creation of Hank, which amplifies the power of a telepath. Charles was very excited to use it, to great success.


Charles and Erik recruit a stripper named Angel who apparently has this kind of mutation.

Angel is a beautiful stripper whose wings could be hidden at her back, like a tattoo design. When angered, she could also throw you some acid spit. Ouch!


Through Cerebro, Charles and Erik find a military prisoner in solitary confinement named Alex Summers. What is his hot mutant ability?

Alex apparently can command an energy blast from his torso which powers off and hits whatever is on his path. Charles and Hank train him to redirect this blast and designed a suit to help that happen.


Charles and Eric also find this teenager, Sean Cassidy, whose voice could reach super-sonic levels. What does Sean rename himself later on?

Banshee is actually a female spirit that wails, according to Irish legend. But Sean seems to be cool with this name for him. Good for you, dude!


Charles and Eric recruit Darwin, a guy who “adapts to survive” as he described himself while turning into the form of something he touches. What was Darwin’s job prior to being recruited?

Charles and Erik are seen boarding a yellow cab, and they encounter Darwin as its driver. They ask to be driven all the way to Virginia, so it's assumed that the yellow cabbie is a New Yorker.


The young Raven wanted to adapt the name, Mystique, for herself when she grew up. Which Hunger Games star played her adult version?

Jennifer Lawrence stars as the young woman version of Mystique in this film. Rebecca Romijn played the more adult role in the first incarnation of the X-Men films.


In a funny nod to the original X-Men film series, this grumpy character appears in a bar scene as Charles and Erik try to recruit him, too, but to no avail. Which uncanny hothead hottie is this?

Hugh Jackman appears as Wolverine, a.k.a. Logan, drinking in a bar alone when Erik and Charles approach him. But he told them to get lost, so yeah, maybe in a few years, dudes...


When Sebastian and his evil mutant cohorts blow up the CIA Division X, Charles decides to take the rest of the surviving mutants into this place to train, live, and hide.

Charles went back to the huge mansion where he grew up as a child. It's not properly explained why no one lives there, but that's good enough for the story to flow...


As Erik is also getting some training to enhance his metal-controlling ability, what emotion makes his powers move all this time, since his childhood?

Erik's anger has been fueling his powers all this time, since his childhood. Of course, this will be changed later on...or will it?


Meanwhile, the genius Hank is hell-bent on developing a serum that could hide his feet mutation. Whose mutant's blood does he use as basis for this serum?

Hank asked Mystique for a sample of her blood to study her DNA. Her shape-changing abilities could be the key to shifting Hank's prehensile feet to look normal. We can always hope, dude.


To help Erik realize his full potential, Charles advises him that the true __ is between serenity and rage.

"True focus is between serenity and rage," Charles advised Erik, so the latter could tap into his softer side and use it to harness his power. Hey, it worked!


As Charles tries to encourage Hank to embrace his mutation, the professor compares the young scientist with this fictional character. Which alter-ego literary dude is this?

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a literary masterpiece authored by Robert Louis Stevenson. Charles compares Hank to this character since it's all about taking control of "that other side" of his. We can wish, Charles.


Alas, the serum that Hank hopes will hide his mutation grossly morphed it, turning him into a hairy-like animal. What name did they call him, because of this new look?

Hank McCoy also turned blue, an apparent sharing of Mystique's DNA. But his hairy features and his prehensile feet are now so intense that Alex named him The Beast. Rawrrr indeed!


While the mutants went to Cuba to hopefully help avert a nuclear war, they didn’t expect this to happen after they killed Shaw, the mastermind of the pre-empted war.

When Erik felt that the US and Russian missiles were being maneuvered to target them, he felt it was time the mutants drew a line from humans. After helping these folks, this is the thanks they get? We feel ya, Magneto...


Why he’s confined to a wheelchair: Charles Xavier got hit by one of these in his spine.

"I can't feel my legs," so said Charles, whose spine was apparently hit by a bullet shot by CIA Moira at Erik, but the latter deflected it, in the process hitting his best friend. This is where another divide gets drawn -- between Charles and Erik. So sad...


Poetic justice: Erik finally got his revenge on Schmidt/Shaw, by killing him using this memento from his Nazi camp childhood.

That Nazi coin which Schmidt/Shaw made the kid Erik move with his powers was kept by the grown-up Erik, who used it to kill the guy who killed his mother.


She’s a good mutant ally alright, but what did Charles do to CIA agent Moira MacTaggert later on?

Charles shared a tender kiss with Moira to seal their secrecy, but he also used that moment to wipe out her memory. The macho male CIA agents made fun of her as a result, saying if women can't remember anything from their covert operations-missions, then they shouldn't be allowed to work in the CIA. Seriously?


As the divide between the mutants was forming, what motto was inspiring Mystique to embrace her real self?

Mutant and proud! Mystique reminded Hank/Beast of this, before she crossed over to join Magneto's side of the mutant existence.


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