Can You Ace This Presidential Trivia Quiz?

By Zoe Samuel on March 20, 2018

About This Quiz

As the saying goes "e pluribus unum" or "out of many, one". American presidents may be just the most visible face of a single one of the three co-equal branches of government - the other two being the judiciary's pinnacle, the Supreme Court, and the top of the legislature, i.e. Congress - but just because they aren't royalty doesn't stop us from learning all about them as if they are. Each president is the subject of libraries'-worth of books about their tenure, their personality, their upbringing, their advisers, the historical events they faced in office and every tiny detail.

Some presidents put quite a stamp on the country and on history, while others were merely warm bodies who sat in the White House for between 30 days and several years. Some gave amazing orations, while others were merely amazingly corrupt. Some made it to the end of their term of office intact while an alarmingly high number of them died before getting there - some of natural causes, others through murder. Some believed in a very centralized government and others were committed federalists, albeit for a variety of reasons. Some were devoted family men and others were perhaps not the most ideal of husbands. 

Let's see how well you remember the members of the most exclusive employment club in world history!

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