Can We Guess Your Taste in Men by Your Taste in Taco Bell?

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What do Taco Bell and romance have in common? More like what don't they have in common? Is any fast food place more romantic than Taco Bell? Could any menu be more in touch with your innermost desires? Think about it - you have levels of spice from Mild to Hot to Fire. You can have it cheesy if you're into that sort of thing. You can go al fresco to keep it fresh. You can stick around for breakfast the next morning. Come on! It's like Taco Bell is built on a pile of nachos and innuendo.  

Since it's so obvious Taco Bell is basically a gateway to your romantic soul and all things you find attractive, you may as well harness that knowledge and do something fun with it. For instance, did you know that if you were to give us a brief but detailed rundown on your Taco Bell likes and dislikes, we could accurately discern what kind of guy you're attracted to? It may sound like it stands in defiance of all that's right in the world, but it's true! Your taste in men and your taste in tacos are eerily similar. Take the quiz and see!

What's the single greatest thing Taco Bell ever put on their menu?

Are you a serious Taco Bell eater? How many soft tacos can you handle in one sitting?

Is there a particular meal during the day that you would most like to have at Taco Bell?

When you're eating at Taco Bell, are you looking for a big meal or just a quick bite to eat?

A taco comes with just lettuce, cheese and meat. How do you improve yours?

You like nachos, right? Everyone likes nachos! How do you like yours?

Taco Bell can give KFC a run for its money when it comes to preparing chicken. What's the best chicken dish?

When you have that early morning taco craving, you need Taco Bell breakfast. What will you order?

Sometimes you need something a little different when you're having dinner. What are you ordering?

No doubt that your tacos are going to make you a little thirsty. Which drink would you pick?

Is there even a point to having a taco with no cheese? Of course not! But which cheese is best?

You can go to any burger place in the world for plain condiments like ketchup. Taco Bell has hot sauce! What kind do you want?

Are you a burrito fan? Then which of these would you choose?

Is there a specialty item on the Taco Bell menu that really makes you hungry?

No one wants to eat a taco all by itself, you need a combo. Which is the best one?

A quesadilla is a pretty delicious snack or a meal, depending on how you're feeling. What's the best kind of quesadilla?

You may not be down for a cheap man, but you can appreciate cheap tacos at Taco Bell. What would you pick from the Value Menu?

Sometimes you need a dessert to finish up your meal. Which sweet treat works best for you?

You need to fill that taco with something. What's the tastiest filling?

Steak is good when that seasoned beef just isn't cutting it. What's the best steak item?

You need a side dish with your tacos because that's just sensible. What's your favorite side?

When a normal drink won't do, maybe you need a frosty cold Freeze. Which one would it be?

Do you have a group of friends with you? You need a Party Pack!

If you're looking to eat by the numbers, which of these numerical foods would you choose?

What's the cheesiest item you might find yourself craving?

Taco Bell and junk food go so well together they actually make Taco Bell out of junk food! Which is the best one?

You need to sauce up a taco if you're going to have a proper meal. Which is the best sauce?

Let's take a moment to remember all the items Taco Bell has had to retire. Which discontinued menu item do you wish you could try?

Not every Taco Bell item is a winner. What's the worst sounding thing they ever made?

If you couldn't go to Taco Bell, where would you go?

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