Can We Guess Your Taste in Men by Your Taste in Olive Garden?

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Any restaurant that lets you have free rein over breadsticks and salad clearly knows what people like and has really made an effort to be good, wholesome and fulfilling. This is a place that knows how to make you happy. This is Olive Garden. Sure you could get pasta, salad, and breadsticks anywhere, but there's something about Olive Garden that works on a whole different level.  

There's no pressure like at a fine dining place, but there's more effort than at a fast food place. Do you know what it is? It's comfortable. Comfortable and relatable and the kind of place that makes you feel good. In a lot of ways, Olive Garden is like a good relationship. It gives you what you need, surprises you every now and then, and never forgets the little things that anyone could do, but not everyone does.

When you think about it, Olive Garden represents a lot of aspects of romance and attraction. There's a reason so many dates are dinner dates, after all. We're willing to bet that if you tell us what you like from the Olive Garden menu, we can tap right into your love life and figure out the kind of guy you're attracted to. Sound crazy? There's one way to find out. Grab some breadsticks and take the quiz.

Obviously one of the best parts of the Olive Garden menu is the unlimited options. What are you going to eat your fill of?

Unlimited breadsticks is a heck of a lot of breadsticks. How many do you honestly think you could pack away?

You have to figure unlimited soup is a little less popular than unlimited breadsticks, but there are four different kinds! How many bowls would you eat?

Once a year Olive Garden has a Never-Ending Pasta Pass for sale. Would you pay $300 for a year's worth of pasta?

If you are ordering pasta, why not create your own pasta bowl from scratch? What kind of pasta sounds best?

If the pressure of building your own pasta dish is too much, there's plenty of pre-made pasta. What kind sounds best?

Whatever kind of pasta you like is going to be super weird without sauce, so which sauce would you pick for your meal?

Technically pasta and sauce would be a complete dish, but why stop there when there are toppings? Which of these is your favorite?

A big bowl of pasta needs a beverage to wash it down. Maybe some sangria? Which one would you pick?

If you're down for some shrimp, Olive Garden will shrimp your meal right out. Which of these would you pick?

Maybe you like seafood but you're down for more than just shrimp. Olive Garden has some other options like these ones! Which of them would you pick?

Italian food obviously makes good use of cheese but there's something about Parmesan that's so good. Which of these would you pick?

Pasta doesn't always cut it on its own and you need some chicken in there, too. Which of these would you pick?

Sometimes cheese is just cheese. Sometimes it's very specific. Which cheese dish would you specifically want?

It's probably time to have another drink. Maybe a margarita this time. Which of these would you pick?

Gluten sensitivities are big these days, but even Olive Garden has you covered. Which gluten-free entree sounds like a winner?

You know, if you want breadsticks but don't want them to spoil your meal, you can get a breadstick sandwich as your meal. Which would you pick?

Are you feeling like something a little more authentic might hit the spot? The "Tastes of the Mediterranean" menu might be for you. What sounds good?

Cheese and meat and veggies are great on top of pasta, but somehow even better inside of pasta. Which is the best stuffed item?

Beefy goodness is sometimes the only thing that'll hit the spot. Which beef dish would you pick?

It's definitely time for another drink. How about something non-alcoholic? Which would you pick?

Lasagna is arguably one of the best Italian dishes ever. It's so good, you can pick several different lasagna-inspired dishes on the menu. Which one would you go for?

Fried food is so bad for you and yet it tastes so good. Which of these is your fried favorite?

Tomato sauces are fine and dandy when you're in the mood, but Alfredo is pretty great too. Which would you pick?

You could always order more of that soup later in your meal. Which sounds like the best kind?

Arguably you could get anything at all on the menu in a bowl, but some items are literally called "bowls." Which bowl is best?

Did you really eat a proper meal if you don't have dessert at the end? And is a dessert even a dessert without chocolate? Which chocolatey dessert would you pick?

If chocolate isn't your thing for some reason, there are non-chocolate desserts you can have, too. Which would you pick?

With all those unlimited soups and breadsticks and salads, you may not have room for many desserts. Which Dolcini mini dessert do you want?

It's definitely time for another drink. They have dessert cocktails! Which of these is your favorite?

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