Can We Guess Your Relationship Status Based on Your Disney Preferences?

By: Teresa M.
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TALE AS OLD AS TIME! When it comes to the world of Disney, we can't help but fall in love! From the single queens to the princesses finding their prince, tell us your Disney preferences and we'll guess your relationship status!

Walt Disney Pictures introduced the magic of Disney with their first 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film would introduce Snow White and a series of other characters like the dwarfs, the Prince and the Evil Queen. Throughout time, Disney would introduce other princesses like Cinderella, Pocahontas, and Mulan. These films were filled with strong supporting characters like Sebastian in The Little Mermaid and Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King and they were facing villains like Ursula, Scar and the entire Hun army. 

Who were some of your favorite and most hated characters? Did you prefer the princesses like Cinderella and Ariel who found their prince? You might be in a relationship or even married! If you're currently enjoying your single life, you might be like Elsa or Merida who prove that they don't need a man to be a strong woman!

Which of these characters are you like? Which of them do you like? Tell us your Disney preferences and we'll guess if you're single, taken, or checking off the "it's complicated" box!

Which Disney villain are you most like in the morning?

What do you like most about "Lilo and Stitch?"

Which "Toy Story" character would be your best friend?

Are you more like Cinderella or Mulan?

Which character from "Cars" do you drive most like?

Which Disney sidekick would you take advice from?

Which classic Disney movie would you like to see in the theatre?

Which Disney prince do you find most charming?

Which Disney princess has the best sense of style?

Which of the seven dwarves are you most like at work?

Which Disney princess hairstyle is closest to your own?

Would you rather visit Disney World or Disneyland?

What kind of castle would you prefer to live in?

Which pre-princess environment is your life most like?

Which non-animated Disney film do you like most?

What percentage Mary Poppins are you?

Which "Chicken Little" character is your boss most like?

Which "Alice in Wonderland" character is your love interest most like?

If you had children, which Disney parent would you be most like?

Which of the Robinsons from "Meet the Robinsons" are you most like with your family?

What do you like most about Disney movies?

Which of Mickey Mouse's friends are you most like with your friends?

Do you like "Finding Nemo" or "Finding Dory" more?

Which superpower from "The Incredibles" would you prefer to have?

Which Disney theme song should you occasionally sing to yourself?

Which character from "The Jungle Book" would you like to adopt?

Which Disney creature would you ask for advice?

How do you think "Cinderella" could have been better?

Which Disney movie would you insist a love interest know?

Do you like classic Disney films more than modern Disney films?

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