Can We Guess Your Intelligence Type Based on Your Food Preferences?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Not everyone is the same kind of intelligence. In fact, a 1983 study found that there are nine basic kinds of smart! Because food feeds your brain and your brain powers your intelligence, we are going to conduct our own study about how smart your food choices make you. 

Make no mistake, we're not asking how healthy you eat. If you want to spend your life eating nothing but Twinkies and potato chips, that's your business. We are simply going to relate your food choices to the way you view the world. Our minds power our perception, and seeing which foods make it on to your plate will tell us all we need to know. 

When you see the question we ask, let your stomach pick the answer that you like most. Recent discoveries have shown that your digestive system has a lot to do with the way your brain functions, and you can trust your stomach to be truthful. Will we be able to figure out the kind of intelligence you use to navigate through your days? Or, will we need to do some more digging about the relationship between you and your plate? Let's get started and find out! 

What is the best thing to spread on toast?

Which of these sides goes best with a burger?

Tell the truth - how do you really feel about kale?

Which one of these fruits would you scrape into the garbage can?

What kind of pie is best as a late night snack?

When you make a sandwich, what kind of bread do you use?

What kind of milkshake would make your day?

Which of these toppings should never go on pizza?

Could you live without ketchup or mustard?

Do you prefer coffee, tea or milk in the mornings?

Which kind of fish would you order for tonight's entree?

What's the best way to eat a banana?

Yes or no to a dish with a kimchi dressing?

How well-cooked do you order your steak?

What sort cheese would you put on a salad?

Which of these food duos do you like most?

How are you most likely to cook an egg?

Do you prefer soda or lemonade?

What are you feelings about meatloaf?

Which burger topping would you double?

Out of these snacks, which on is most tempting?

What kind of cookies could you eat every day?

Which of these spices do you always have on hand?

When you eat soup, what do you have with it?

Which kind of berry makes the best smoothie?

Do you enjoy the taste of cottage cheese?

What do you prefer to put on the grill?

Have you ever eaten prunes?

What kind of cone makes the best ice cream cone?

Would you enjoy getting to try haggis?

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